The Pep Talk.

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I got up at 4:30am today to get my writing done.

I did everything “they” say I should do. Everything that should allow me to write uninterrupted for at least an hour.

  • I didn’t check my email
  • I didn’t get on Twitter, or Facebook, or Pinterest
  • I didn’t spend my time doing “busy” work

And guess what?

The world didn’t give a shit.

Toby woke up approximately 35 seconds after I sat down at my laptop, and the day began. And I wanted to cry.


As parents, what we do is hard. Really bloody hard.

No, we’re not brain surgeons or rocket scientists (unless you are – then well done, ma’am, and can I just say, I really like your multiple degrees) but what we do is important.

We’re cultivating people. Helping them to grow, to love, to be loved. And if we do it right most of the time, we’re nurturing good, strong, healthy, happy people.


When your full-time job is caring for young kids, the reality is that your passions will take a back seat at times.

I am insanely passionate about my writing. Spending time in my own head, crafting words, wrangling sentences – it’s a super-sized injection of fulfillment straight to my soul and something I look forward to every day. (Why the hell else would I wake up at 4:30am?!)

But something I need to work on is patience. If I spend my days frustrated that I can’t write/exercise/sleep to 7am then I can’t possibly enjoy what is happening right in front of me.

Every season of life – easy and challenging – will pass:

  • the falling in love season
  • the heartbreak season
  • the living young and free season
  • the newborn baby season
  • the sleepless nights season
  • the “Mum, where are you?” season
  • the going to the toilet unaccompanied season

These will all pass.

And there will be time for everything you dream of.

You just need to be patient, live for the moment and keep sight of your passions.


And this weekend, take time to do something you love. Because there is a season for you too – it’s just broken up into hundreds of mini-seasons…

What are you passionate about?



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3 Responses to The Pep Talk.

  1. This cracked me up because the exact same thing happened to me this morning! I vowed yesterday to start getting up every morning by 5 so I can get little things done before the kids (we have 3) get up. As soon as my feet hit the treadmill, my middle one’s head popped around the corner, at 5:15!

    I will definitely be following your last bit of advice/encouragement however and enjoying at least one book on the beach this weekend.

  2. I really relate to this. I try to get up about 6 evey morning to do an excercise DVD, because this is the only uninterrupted time in my day. No sooner have I put the DVD on when my 2 year old shows up demanding brekky!

  3. Try again. One day it will work out and it will be worth it. And you’re right, the cultivating, the being in the moment IS so important. And so is your creativity and expression.

    But seriously, 4:30am. Don’t go looking for me. I’ll be in bed. I’m SOOOOOO not a morning person. Hence the almost midnight hiya! Night owl baby. Night owl.

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