Play Time! The Bubblerator AKA Bubble Snake Maker

We’ve had such dreary, miserable weather here the past week or so, and I think everyone’s been going spare trying to entertain themselves and/or their kids. So today is a blissful change – the sun is shining, it’s warm, I’m even wearing a t-shirt!

I actually had to drag Isy outside with promises of bubbles (strange, seeing as she’s usually trying to get outside as soon as humanly possible most days) but she warmed up to it soon enough.

We started off with regular bubbles (always a hit) and then I remembered the Bubblerator AKA Bubble Snake Maker.

I read about this little contraption online somewhere last week (can’t for the life of me remember where though) and it’s really easy and quick to make – about 3 minutes – and bonus: it’s repurposing!

You’ll need:

an empty plastic water bottle, or similar, lid removed
a strong rubber band or a hair elastic
a bowl of water
a bowl of dishwashing liquid
a small face washer or teatowel scrap (10cm x 10cm-ish)

1. Cut the bottom off the bottle.

2. Place the washer over the cut end of the bottle and secure with the band.

3. Dip the washer end into the water, then the dishwashing liquid. Blow through the other end and… BUBBLE SNAKES AHOY!

Easy, fun and sudsy!

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