Project Compost: Do’s and Don’ts

Because a photo of compost is boring. Huge earthworm found here.

In follow-up to last week’s post on restarting the compost bins, I’ve put together a list of compost do’s and don’ts that may make the whole process a little easier.

Again, I am no composting expert and much of what I say is probably quite unscientific, but it is a record of things that have/have not worked for us.


  • compost most vegie scraps, egg shells, tea bags and coffee grounds
  • take a sniff of your bins occasionally – there should not be a rotten smell at all. if there is, the heap may be too wet or you may need to add some dry hay/garden waste to the bin
  • look out for insects in your pile – a good pile is squirming with worms and other helpers
  • ensure you keep the lid on tight – not only to keep possums, cats, dogs etc out of the bin but also to keep the heat generated in the bin, in the bin. this helps speed up the composting process


  • compost corn, breads, rice or pasta – these can attract rodents
  • compost meat or fish – these types of bins don’t reach sufficiently high temperatures to kill any potentially harmful bacteria
  • compost human waste or dog/cat poo. for basically the same reason as above.
  • add water to the heap unless it’s totally dry – the scraps and garden waste should provide enough moisture

If I think of anything else that’s similarly important, I’ll be sure to add it to the site. And if you’ve got any questions let me know – I may not know the answer but I could likely find out.

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