Quickie Craft: Wool-Wrapping

Do you ever get the unshakeable urge, the deep desire to just create? You don’t know what or why, but you just need to make something. Anything. Now. Scones, a painting, a pathway, a short story, pom poms, a skirt. Whatever, just make it snappy.

Next time that urge strikes, keep this quick, cute craft in the back of your mind: wool-wrapping. I’ve seen bits and pieces about the interwebs and thought I’d give it a whirl while Isy and I were having crafty time. It’s quick, easy, repurposeful and, provided you have some wool lying about somewhere, it’s free!

You need:

a stick (pick one up off the ground or your backyard – just make sure it’s not home to any little insects) twiggy is good.
some wool (bright colours look cute, but white or grey is surprisingly sophisticated)

  1. Start at one end and wrap the wool around your stick, tucking the end of the wool in to the first few rounds, to secure it.
  2. Keep wrapping till you reach the other end. Tie a knot in the wool and trim.

The end. (See? Super easy. Tutorial really unnecessary!)

a vaseful of these will look sweet and colourful.

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