Renovation Nation: Painting…Still

Last weekend was chock-a-block full of projects, which suited me just fine. (I love, love, love a good project.) Sparky oiled the back decks (more on that below) and I started painting the front door and kept working on the neverending job of painting the timber trim.

The front of the house (paint-wise at least) is nearly finished – hopefully this weekend will see the end of that particular task – and while we still have a shedload of painting to do, to see something finished has really spurred us on.

On Sunday I picked up a tin of enamel paint for the front door (Blue Lobelia by Dulux) and gave it the first coat. Gotta say I’m really really pleased with the colour so far. To have a painted front door is ridiculously satisfying!

The colour is pretty vibrant and the paint-shop guy told me I would’ve been better off using a grey undercoat instead of white, but you live and learn. It just means I’ll probably need to do three coats instead of two.

Sparky also finished the deck with Organoil, and it has come up so beautifully. By his account it’s super easy to apply and I love the fact that it’s non-toxic and smells like eucalytpus oil. Two initial coats are needed, then one in six month’s time. After that we should be able to go 12 months between oiling.

 You can see the difference between the oiled timber and the raw new deck.

I also spent some more time finishing off the paving. When we took out the garage and the slab, there was a whole mess going on with the border, so we tore it up and I’m in the middle of relaying it. Not a huge job but it’s getting us closer to the end!

(Also note the chalk drawings. Excellent time consumer for toddler and mum alike.)

Current Status:

– Construction is done for now. We will put a roof over the new deck eventually and have to build a storage shed/studio in the backyard at some stage in the next 12 months or so, but no real rush.
– The back deck is finished. Just need to tidy up some loose ends and get us some retro cane armchairs to do some lounging on.
– I’ve started a master plan for the gardens and will slowly start to work on the beds as time allows. I’ve had to finish off some paving jobs, but they’re nearly done now – thankfully.
– We’ve decided on the kitchen renovation plan now – a cheapy refurb rather than an all-out replacement, which makes me happy. (Buying further into the K.I.S.S philosophy: Use what you’ve got before looking for brand-new replacements.) As a result, I’m now stalking eBay for second-hand shelving, a butcher’s block and a stepladder.
– We still haven’t finished painting inside, but we’ll get around to it eventually. Everything is undercoated, so if you squint it kind of looks painted.
– Slowly figuring out how best to furnish the new space and, again, stalking eBay for a mid-century lounge, some wireframe chairs, a dining table and a bookshelf.

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