Repurposing: Art by Repetition

via design*sponge

A few weeks ago, I spotted this amazing piece of art featured on design*sponge. It was made using bus or train tickets (admitedly very cool and colourful tickets from San Fransisco, but tickets nonetheless) and it got me thinking about what I could put together, using otherwise unused multiples.

I have a bajillion plastic bits and bobs in the storeroom, left over from my Trove days, and these white plastic squares were perfect and easy to put together. I just used tiny balls of Blutack to stick them to the kraft paper, so I was able to reposition them if need be.

Obviously, this one and its twin still need to be hung on the living room wall, but I was so taken with the idea of using everyday or unused items in multiples to create a piece of art or a wall hanging, that I had to share. 

Other possibilities are:

– train/ferry/bus tickets
– buttons
– ribbon
– wool/string
– drinking straws
– bottle tops
– corks
– confetti

via Sharon Whelton on Etsy

Apologies for no Meat-Free Monday yesterday. I’ve been struck with this tummy bug again and the last thing I wanted to consider was food. It’ll be back next week though!!

3 Responses to Repurposing: Art by Repetition

  1. I love this idea! I just did one with cards from "The six million dollar man" board game, found in my local vinnies. It looks awesome pants! x

  2. Love it! We are on the same page B – I just got a frame today to do something similar with the million fabric buttons I have about the place.. and I am now just reading your post! Love your frame – where did your frame come from??

  3. Alisa, that would look amazing! And has given me another thing to keep an eye out for at garage sales. (Cause I needed something else!!)

    Al, seriously, we seem to have the same brain. Crazy. The frames are my old Trove ones, which I bought at Lincraft aaages ago. I think they still have them though, from the last time I was there.


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