Repurposing: Craft By Using What You’ve Got

Sparky and I are still very much in the furnishing and decorating phase of the renovation (not to mention the painting phase…ahem) and we’re on the look out for quirky bits and pieces to adorn the walls. Proviso: we don’t have a lot of cash to spend on this stuff at the moment, so we’ve been looking at what we already have and ways to reuse and repurpose it into wall ‘art'(?).

I subscribe to frankie, and every issue they include a pretty wall poster by an emerging artist. Last issue was a world map, which I loved. I’m kind of past the whole “stick posters to the wall with Blutac” thing – it just reminds me of my high school days way too much (Jonathan Taylor Thomas, I’m talking about you in particular) but I wanted to see it on the wall somehow.

I dug around in my project box (where I keep odd photo frames, cardboard, paper and fabric offcuts etc) and found some old white frames that I’ve lost the glass for. Perfect! I cut the map to fit and presto! I already had another white frame decorated with felt offcuts, which coincidentally matched the map colours well, so I think I’ll hang these three together somewhere.

From these…

…to these!

I did something similar with more felt offcuts a few weeks ago, and while the photo is craptacular, I’m actually really happy with the result. I showed the mirror repurpose a few weeks ago, and these pieces are just continuing the theme.

Isy helped me with the top right-hand piece, hence the reason it’s much more beautiful than the others.

I really love being able to pull things together from scrap and leftovers. Sure, it’s not high art. It’s probably not even art at all. But I love it nonetheless.

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