A Return to Slow

A Return to Slow

When I first launched this blog (back in 2011!) it was about creating a slow home – a holistic approach to building a life of contentment, balance and focus on the important things.

As part of the process of creating our slow home I began writing about my decluttering efforts and found a large group of readers who needed help with letting go of their stuff. My posts about decluttering resonated and I started focusing more and more on Stuff – how to let go of it, what to do with it, why we don’t need it.

Now it’s 2015 and I run an amazing group on Facebook that helps people declutter their homes and lives. I’ve written handbooks that take people through the process of simplifying every area of their house over the course of a year. I write a lot of blog posts on the topic of decluttering.

However, my passion is Slow. And for someone who is building a life that doesn’t place undue importance on the things we own, I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking and writing about Stuff.

And Stuff is not what I’m passionate about. My passion lies in helping people create slower, simpler lives with space and time to focus on the things that matter. Decluttering is a big part of the process and an absolutely vital one. It’s impossible to create a simpler, slower life without getting rid of the crap and cruft and clutter first. Stuff is heavy.

But the idea is to move beyond Stuff. I’m not concerned with the specifics of this, as it might mean you own 100 things and can successfully live from a backpack for the rest of your life, or that your 6-bedroom home in the suburbs is now uncluttered and inviting. What a simplified home looks like is up to you.

For me it’s about a space that has space. White space and empty walls. Space for relaxation and spontaneity and heaps of laughter. Space to enjoy the view and the airiness. Space to reflect. Space to continue to build a life for our family that feels authentic and positive and intentional. Because doing that allows the stuff we do own, the stuff we intentionally keep and choose to surround ourselves with, the things we do, the choices we make, the experiences we pursue, the work we do – that space makes it all more important. Giving those things room makes them important, because they are important.

But getting beyond that part is where life really starts to get interesting, and that is where my passion lies. In helping people get to the living part.

So this blog will continue, of course. (What else would I do with myself at 4am?) But I want to go back to exploring ideas on the periphery of Stuff. How we can create a home and a life that work for us, with rhythms and systems and ideas that help guide us in the direction we want to take. What we can add to our lives in order to make them feel whole. Reconnecting with dreams and desires and goals that have long been buried under mountains of things we no longer want or need.

In short, I want to provide the how-to and the why-to create a slower, simpler life.

I also want to introduce the idea of slow, simple living to as many people as possible which is one of the reasons I’m launching a new podcast in a few weeks time.

The weekly show is called The Slow Home Podcast and in it I will dive deep into the ideas, practicalities and realities of living a slower, simpler life. Some weeks I will have special guests with me (I’m so excited to share these with you) and other shows it will just be me riffing on what slow living is all about.

I’d also love to answer your questions on the show. So if you have any questions related to slow, simple living, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below or drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you!

Similarly, if you have any suggestions, topics, ideas or guests you’d like to see featured on the podcast, let me know.



22 Responses to A Return to Slow

  1. Congrats on the new podcast!

    Funny how when we set out to write about our passions, we end up writing about the opposite isn’t it? I’ve noticed that in helping my readers get to financial stability, I spend a lot of time writing about the realities of being broke! :P (But, wouldn’t trade it for the world.)

    I love the idea of moving beyond stuff, and I’m excited to hear what’s in store in the podcast!

  2. I’m quite excited to hear you’re planning a podcast, Brooke! I haven’t commented before, but I pop in to your Facebook group once in awhile for inspiration, it’s such a sweet group. I would love to hear any topics related to kids/family life on your podcast!

  3. Brooke, that is so exciting for you! Congratulations! I would love to hear ideas on how to slow family life (can we hit pause on some moments!) and ideas in how to teach children to value living slowly instead of items. Consumerism is thrown in their face at every point any tips on how to counter balance this would be really appreciated! Thanks for your writing and ideas. I really enjoy reading them and am sure I will enjoy the show.

  4. That sounds wonderful. I find the peripheral stuff harder to grasp, so I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts x

  5. I really like your direction. What brought me to read all that I have about minimalism is really the focus on a more enjoyable and purposeful life. However, I am struggling as to how I figure out what I want to do with myself! Your podcast sounds like it might be addressing that. How to get back in touch with ourselves, our hopes, dreams, and wishes for ourselves and the world is a big topic but it is all this stuff that takes us away from it.

    Looking forward to your future posts!

    • I, too am at the point in my life where I am wondering what to do with myself. I am overcome by inertia a lot of the time, and sometimes feel so stuck that the routines of my life are all that I have to show for a day. I still have some things to declutter although mostly it is OPS (other people’s stuff!)…my husband, my two college aged kids, and my two high school aged kids. You are a quite a bit younger than I am so maybe these struggles are something baffling to you, but as your kids grow and develop their own lives and passions, they are often accompanied by stuff. A LOT of stuff sometimes :)
      So. What to do about their things? What to do when you hit a plateau not entirely of your own making? How to start turning from being the one in charge of everything to being in charge of your own life because suddenly your family is taking charge of themselves….but not completely? These are the things I struggle with, I’m not sure if I am alone with that in this group, but I hope I’m not!

  6. I appreciate your sharing this. I have one blog already, but keep feeling called to do one on simple living. I am just concerned people will think I am a clutter coach or professional organizer. It is a fine line.
    I understand and am grateful for your focus on living slow. Thank you.

    • Ditto, Veggie Mama. I’m all about “the slow” and love podcasts.

      Brooke, one thing I’d like to see/hear you cover more is how you incorporate the natural world into a culture of slow. I know you garden with the kiddos (which I would love to know more about) and get on your slack line all the time, but what else? How do you cultivate a relationship with “the great outdoors” and get your kids excited to see what’s blooming as well?

      Hooray for The Bloom!

  7. Really looking forward to your podcasts and the direction of your blog.

    Would it be possible to suggest some books that have helped you on your journey into simplicity / slow living?

  8. What a great post. I’ve been a member of your FB group for a while now and avidly follow your blog. Super excited is an understatement about how much I’m looking forward to your new podcast! You couldn’t of had better timing! :)

  9. I have been following your blog for a while now but this is the first time I have commented. I started seeing someone on FB liking your posts and that’s how I discovered you. I am less interested in decluttering STUFF (personal possessions and material things) and more interested in creating a slower, more spacial life. I love what you have planned. In fact, my own blog has many synergies with your philosophy. I aim to encourage parents to “Play more, Slow down, Stress less.” I had three kids in less than 3 years so my life has been anything but slow. But I knew i needed to create changes to invite more space into my life. I love your blog and will tune into your podcasts with interest. If you’d ever like to do a guest post for me on how parents (mothers, in particular) can slow down, I’d love to have you :-) Michaela

  10. I am very much looking forward to the podcast. Even though I am still very much dealing with the STUFF, I have already slowed my life and can really tell a difference.

  11. So excited for the podcast! I would love to know more about slow living. One question, how would one create a slower home with less “stuff” when their spouse isn’t on the same wavelength?

    Cannot wait for the podcast! You’re awesome :)


  12. Love where you are headed Brooke! Following closely and ready to see your posts about living the slow life. I’ve got most the minimizes down and felt the slowing this past year. I’m at the point where, I’m not sure what to do with myself now that things are so calm, spacious and gone from our life, home and schedule. I could totally use the next steps to living in my slow home. It’s been a restful period, like detoxing! Staying close to home, but not fulfilling the goals I thought sounded so attractive. Honestly, I’ve felt worn out and lost. I would like to hear topics centered around getting the whole family on the slow home train, what to do with the new-found time and space at home, how to add back in without speeding things up again, slow home style and uses for the new spaciousness.
    Your doing great work and I’m thrilled I found your blog and have been able to share with friends who also have slowed down!
    Peace & Joy to you and yours

  13. Thrilled that you are starting a podcast and looking forward to hearing it. I would like to learn how to go move towards a slow like. At 55, I thought that I would be slowing down a bit. Instead, it seems like the pedal is being pushed closer to the floor. We are decluttering by clearing out our basement after 22 years. It is going well, but I feel that it needs to be more than tossing stuff and organizing the remainder. There needs to be a lifestyle shift and I am hoping that you can enlighten me via you pod cast. Good luck!

  14. I would love to hear about ways to slow down when you have so much outside pressure for kids to be “involved” in things. Between church, sports, birthday parties, meeting up with friends, etc. Sometimes I don’t know when and how to say no. I’ve kept my son out of sports, but he’s now showing interest, and I don’t want to keep that experience from him any longer. But I’m really not looking forward to practices and such. Love your blog! It has inspired me to do away with so much excess!

  15. Wow Brooke, I can’t wait to hear your podcasts! Your site is so inspiring and love this new direction. I’d love to hear people’s reasons why they’re living a simpler and slower life, their views, their philosophies. All the best, looking forward to this a lot!
    Sal :)