Say Yes

Say Yes

We are overwhelmed and overcommitted. Our calendars overflow with meetings and after-school activities, volunteering and committees, parties and gatherings and BBQs and playdates.

Many of us, rightly so, nominated 2014 as the year we say no more.

I dig this. In order to slow down and lead a more content and balanced life, we need space and time. A lot of life happens in that space and time. And after all, saying no to one thing means you are free to say yes to another, more essential thing. Or, in fact, to nothing at all. 

But no matter how liberating saying “no” can feel, it can also feel…limiting. So today, and this coming weekend, why not think about saying yes?

Say yes to an outdoor stroll (unless you’re currently snowbound. In that case, drink something warm.)
Say yes to watching the clouds.
Say yes to play.
Say yes to cuddles.
Say yes to a smile.
Say yes to jumping in puddles.
Say yes to a good book.
Say yes to a phonecall with an old friend.
Say yes to candlelight.
Say yes to turning off the computer.
Say yes to family movie night and homemade popcorn.
Say yes to wandering aimlessly.
Say yes to an impromptu picnic.
Say yes to baking something delicious.
Say yes to a lingering conversation over tea or coffee. Or wine.

This weekend, say yes to the opportunity to slow. right. down. Even just for ten minutes.


(watercolour image: chiaralily on Flickr. adaptation by me)

9 Responses to Say Yes

  1. Yes! I’ve been writing about simplicity on my blog and realizing that it’s a lot of what I DON’T want to be doing, and would rather approach things in the positive as what I could be doing!

    :-) I’m new to your blog and loving it.

  2. Thanks for this outlook. I find it’s all too easy to being constantly sayig and thinking no as I clear clutter and simplify my life, but of course there is so much to say yes to. Thank you, balance required as ever! X

  3. What a great way to start the weekend, thanks Brooke! Being more mindful (and having less) means that this weekend I am saying YES to having a facial (wow – that’s extreme for me), YES to a delightful few hours of exercise, YES to sipping tea on the verandah and watching our daughter play and quite possibly, YES to an afternoon nap as well! All because we’ve said NO to debt, NO to clutter and NO to endless ‘to-do’ lists:)

    Have a great weekend saying YES everyone!