5 Ways to Create a Slow Bedroom

Serenity, warmth, comfort, rest. That’s what a bedroom is all about, right?

Which is funny, because our bedroom appears at times to be all about piles of folded laundry, random toys, empty glasses and four in a bed.

Slowing down one of the most important rooms in a home is a wonderful way to start simplifying your life. It will give you room to relax, space to disconnect and the quiet to rest.

Here’s 5 ways you can turn your bedroom into the haven you need:

1. Declutter.

Again with the decluttering? Yes! It’s the single best way to promote calm, clear out dust and give a breath of fresh air.

2. Go Small

The smaller the space, the better your chances of really simplifying. If you have a large bedroom with tonnes of furniture, shelving and wardrobe space, you’re simply likely to fill it with stuff. Sparky and I now share one small wardrobe. We know it’s time to organise and cull when that space gets cramped.

3. Get Rid of the Gadgets

No TV, no phones, no laptops and no smartphones. No kidding. (I admit I have been guilty of the phone-next-to-the-bed sin. But I definitely sleep better and drift off faster with some tech-free time before I bed.)

4. Light and Airy

You want good natural light, fresh air, effective window coverings that keep the room private but allow the daylight in, as well a lamp next to the bed. Reading, dressing, loving – you want the room to be comfortable for all its intended purposes.

5. Somewhere to Sit (Other than the bed.)

A bench at the end of the bed is your best option – it gives you somewhere to sit while putting on your shoes and somewhere to lay out the clothes for the next day. Avoid using it as a dumping ground for laundry, dirty clothes and handbags – this will just return the clutter you’re trying to clear out. And if you don’t think you can avoid it, then consider a smaller chair instead. A bentwood chair or a mid-century dining chair could work beautifully.

Obviously, everyone’s idea of the dream bedroom is different. But if you need to slow down, simplify, declutter and reconnect, then a slow bedroom is what you want to create.

Not Convinced? Give it a Trial Run

  • Leave the technology out of the bedroom for a week and see how it makes you feel.
  • Clear everything off your bedside tables – with the exception of a book, lamp and glass of water. See the serenity some empty space brings.
  • Make an effort to open the curtains and windows every morning.
  • Try making your bed every morning – first thing. Sounds ridiculous, but it starts your day with a small achievement and makes your bedroom into the haven you deserve.

Let us know how you go, and share some of your favourite bedroom images. Or do you already sleep in a slow, serene space? Share it, pin it, tweet it. We’d love to see it.

(All images via Lonny)

4 Responses to 5 Ways to Create a Slow Bedroom

  1. We recently downsized our life and moved into a small duplex. However, the “master” bedroom is by far the largest room in the house. It’s literally TWICE the size it needs to be, and I’m having trouble keeping it clutter-free because of all the unnecessary space.

    I can’t shrink the room – any other suggestions? (I’ve thought about turning half the room into a crafting space, but I was concerned that was “unnecessary” and would just call for even more clutter.)

    • Hmm, let me think on it, Britt. It sounds silly, I know, but having too much space in a room is almost as tricky (particularly if you like living a clutter-free life) as not enough space.

      If it’s OK with you, I’d like to put together a post about this??

      Thanks so much for stopping by. x

  2. YES I do! We too have this issue. We changed up the rooms! The master is the kids room. At first I was reluctant to do this as I didn’t want more room for mess but there is a much larger wardrobe so we were able to have toys in there only and a bit of space for puzzling, cubby and lego. It’s like a kids zone now. Works much better.