Slow Home Bootcamp Lite
You want to know how to simplify, to declutter, to slow down. But you’re stuck. You don’t know where to start, what to tackle first.

What you need is a helping hand to kickstart your simple living journey.


Three years ago I was struggling. Treading water. Going under. I so desperately needed to simplify, to declutter, to slow down. But I was so unsure of where to begin.

Eventually I did begin though. And can I tell you, from what I have gained in my life, it is worth every second of time and energy.


Now I want to share the love and help you feel:


  • in control
  • organised
  • calm
  • content
  • decisive


  • frazzled
  • overwhelmed
  • unprepared
  • stressed
  • hopeless

So I’ve created the Slow Home BootCamp Lite to do just that.

BootCamp Lite is a free 7-part email course that will kickstart your simple living journey.

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How Does it Work?

We know small changes add up to make a huge difference.

Based on that simple idea, you will receive an email from me every day for a week. Each email will give you a short 15-30 minute task to complete, which over time will add up to make a huge difference to your home, your life and your happiness.

The Tasks you will receive are:

  • Day 1: Clutter Bust!
  • Day 2: Kick Your Clutter Hotspots to the Kerb
  • Day 3: Tackle the Kitchen Drawers
  • Day 4: Wardrobe War in 30 Minutes Flat
  • Day 5: Love Books? How To Declutter Your Collection
  • Day 6: An Exit Drawer Will Save Your Sanity
  • Day 7: Creating a Bedroom Haven


Life is Busy, I Know…

You may not have time to do these tasks as they hit your inbox.

But they don’t need to happen immediately. You can save them and work through the tasks as and when time allows. Whether that’s each day, once a week – whatever works best for you.

Sounds Great! What do I Have to do?

You simply need to sign up here to join the Slow Your Home Tribe*.

That’s it.

The first BootCamp email will hit your inbox shortly after that and you can start simplifying your life and slowing your home from there.


*You will also receive the fortnightly Slow Your Home Newsletter – packed with all the simplicity you can handle!