Slow Your Christmas: Handmade Christmas Cards

There was an explosion. A craft explosion.

Feathers, stickers, glue, glitter. It was fabulous. The kind of explosion I would have loved as a kid.

Who am I kidding?!

The kind of explosion I love as an adult.

Isla and I got creative last week and made ourselves some handmade Christmas cards. I don’t generally do a Christmas-card-sendout because I’m just not that organised, but I do love writing cards for our immediate family. They just give a little more room for a message than gift tags.

There are many many many more beautiful and creative handmade cards out there but these were cheap, easy, quick and are fun and colourful. This year, our Christmas is all about colour – jewel colours in particular – so these sticker-feather extravaganzas fit in perfectly!

There’s not much to them, and I really just wanted to show that handmade cards don’t have to be fiddly or kid-free zones. These took us maybe half an hour to make. Win!

Bits and pieces:

– pre-made cards from art/craft store
– feathers from art/craft store (I got ours from Riot)
– tub of Christmas stickers from Riot
– other miscellaneous bits and pieces

Do you have any other fun/easy/colourful ideas for Christmas? I’d love to hear them – I’m starting to get ridiculously excited for December now.

And once the garage sale is over this weekend, I feel we’ll have the mental energy to get planning. Leaving December for fun times, beach-going and mojito-sipping!

9 Responses to Slow Your Christmas: Handmade Christmas Cards

  1. There are numerous more excellent and imaginative high quality cards out there yet these were modest, simple, speedy and are fun and vivid. This year, our Christmas is about shading – gem hues specifically – so these sticker-quill spectacles fit in consummately!
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  4. I got imaginative a week ago and made ourselves some high quality Christmas cards. I don’t for the most part complete a Christmas-card-sendout on the grounds that I’m simply not that composed, Do My Homework Online but rather I do love composing cards for our close family.