What is a Slow Home?


Slow Food movement? Check.

Slow Art movement? Check.

Slow Travel? Check. Parenting? Check. Gardening? Check.


Now it’s time to embrace the Slow Home.

According to the founders of the Slow Home movement, John Brown, Carina van Olm and Matthew North (read more about them here) there are 12 steps to take if you want to create a truly Slow Home:

{via Slow Home Studio}


I am behind these twelve steps 110%, but I also understand that many of us want to make a positive impact on the world we live in by the way we live in it, but we may not be in the position to move house, undergo extensive renovations or build a new house from the ground up.

So I have taken these steps and put my own spin on them. I have redefined “home”. And I plan on showing you how you can make positive changes to your home, your family, your health and your life, while at the same time discovering them myself. Because, believe me, I really need to.

I hope to show you via Slow Your Home we can all make many smaller changes to the way we live, in our homes and communities that will have big benefits for us all.

Our homes will be more organised, more efficient, easier to run and maintain and provide us with space and respite from the insanity that often is the world at large.

Consider this a blueprint for my family (and yours) to create our own slow home. To live a slower life.