Stuff: A Slow-Living Deep Dive

Experiences over stuff 4eva.

Since returning to Australia and moving in to a new home, we’ve found there’s a lot of curiosity about our stuff. Or more specifically, whether we’ve accumulated a lot of it since settling down.

So in this episode we decided to dive deep in to our current relationship with stuff and how we view the accumulation or letting go of it through a slow living lens. We also answer some of the more common questions we receive about the things we own, including:

  • How has our relationship with stuff changed?
  • Have we rediscovered any old belongings since settling back in to a normal life? 
  • What sort of stuff have we bought?
  • Has our approach to buying things changed?
  • Have we have continued to declutter and if so, how we do it now?

Running through this entire deep dive is also a more general discussion of how we’ve moved away from a ‘traditional minimalist’ mindset to a more ‘lower waste living’ philosophy, as well as some thoughts on why we don’t really associate with a minimalist approach to life anymore. 

In the second half of the episode I then have the pleasure of speaking with Nancy from Season 4, who had been struggling to find her happy place on the socialising/slow living spectrum and was worried that living a slower life was causing her to feel lonely.

In this catch-up Nancy shares some of the incredible progress she’s made since her and I last spoke, and includes an epiphany all about hummus. (Yes, really!)

Nancy has come so far along her path of intentional living and it’s pure joy to hear her share the changes in her self-confidence, self-esteem and ability to embrace discomfort.


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4 Responses to Stuff: A Slow-Living Deep Dive

  1. I really liked this episode and am getting my husband to listen.
    This is how I am feeling now about bringing things into our house and how to remove what we don’t need.
    I was wondering about where you found your linen sheets. We have been looking at hemp and bamboo and I was wondering what made you choose linen.
    Really enjoying these seasons although I am a bit behind.