Let’s Go Tech-Lite. Are You In?

Go Tech-Lite

Today is an exciting and daunting day.

Today I start my month-long “Tech Lite Challenge” with Laney from Crash Test Mummy.

Today I bite the bullet and actually start living and dying by my own advice.

But Before I Begin: An Admission of Guilt.

Many of you loved the recent post on How To Simplify Your Online Life. In fact, it’s been one of the most popular posts.

And many of you also know that as a writer (and a human) I’m a huge proponent of simple living, reducing stress and questioning the value of our actions. Including how much mindless time we spend “connecting” when we really should spend that time doing, being and experiencing.

But here’s the weird thing:

While I understand it, believe it, and will tell other people all about how important it is, this is one area I haven’t been able to make any lasting change in my life. For some reason, I’m coming up empty every time I try to limit my connected time. Five minutes after I declare, “That’s it! I’m going offline!” you can find me checking emails while getting the kids lunches.

I am tired of feeling out of control when it comes to my time. Are you?

If you are, you need to head over to Crash Test Mummy and follow along with the Tech-Lite Challenge running throughout the month of August.

The reasons, rules and objectives of the Tech-Lite Challenge can all be found  here at Crash Test Mummy.


Do you want to go tech-lite in August? Regain control of your time?

Next week, I will report back on week #1 of the Tech-Lite Challenge and Laney will (excitingly) be reporting from New York, where she is currently living the bloggers dream.

If you’re playing along at home, please join in and tell us how you’re finding it.



4 Responses to Let’s Go Tech-Lite. Are You In?

  1. I’m so keen to do this challenge, but at the same time happy it doesn’t start for another couple of days! I’ve got so much to do trying to get my blog and gadgets sorted for the trip to New York! I really don’t want to be stuffing around with technical stuff when I get to New York. Too little time, too much to see and breathe in! Good luck with your first week!

    • Haha! I know what you mean!! Isla goes to pre-school on a Monday, so I’m using the peace and quiet to get a load of tech stuff done before Wednesday. Oh, the irony…

      And I can’t even imagine the work you’d need to get done before you leave. Argh! How exciting though!

      So glad we’re doing this together, Laney. And can’t wait to hear the updates from NYC. xx

  2. It sounds like an interesting challenge Brooke and Laney!
    I don’t think I spend too much time connected but it is something that I am continually aware of – when it becomes a pull and such a distraction that 5 mins of pinning or facebooking becomes 30 mins in a blink.

    The only thing that is working for me is that I take at least one full day (ideally two) off line each week and sometimes, I set an alarm for 15 minutes! That might sound crazy but it really works – otherwise, time just slips away from me.