Technology: A Slow Living Deep-Dive

If only all screens had a view like this…

“Look beyond books, podcasts and movies and find time to focus on what slow living means for you.”

Carl Honore

Is slow living anti-tech? Is it possible to have an intentional relationship with tech, when virtually all of our interactions use some form of it? And what about kids? How can we show them what mindful tech looks like if we are still struggling to find out for ourselves?

In today’s episode Ben and I dig in to one of the most requested topics for this season of the podcast – our relationship with technology. Or more specifically, in a phrased coined by Ben (and repeated at least ten times this episode) what is the impact of connect-tech on our well-being and slow living at large?

We’ve spoken before about our tech strategies and boundaries but as our work has shifted and the kids have grown, our approach has changed over the past couple of years and I think it’s important to talk through the good, the challenging and the uncharted waters so that we can all realise no-one has all the answers and no-one is walking around feeling like they’ve got it all sorted. In this episode we talk about: 

  • The elephant in the room  – is slow living anti-tech?
  • How we make technology work in a way that feels slow
  • What we actually mean when we talk about tech
  • The mindset we adopt when managing our relationship to connect-tech
  • Tools we use to develop and maintain tech boundaries for ourselves while working
  • Other ways we manage tech use with the kids and ourselves when not working
  • How important it is to be a role model when it comes tech (and how challenging that can be)
  • Whether we feel good about our relationship to tech or if there are things we’re still working on (hint: yes, there are many things we’re still working on).

I then have a wonderful chat with Sara from Season 4 who shares not only some of the shifts she’s made since we last spoke, but also some of the feedback she received from family and friends in her community as a result of our conversation back in 2019. We talk about lifelong learning, finding awe and the ways Sara is supporting her community through her slow living efforts (not always in the ways you might imagine).

Sarah also shares some of the discoveries she made on a recent trip to Italy (pre-Covid-19 obviously) where she walked her way through Umbria, away from social commitments and technology. We talk about awe and tilting and prioritising downtime, and how to let go of the guilt that some of these things often bring out in us, being so counter to the norm of busy-ness and rushing.

I hope you enjoy the episode and walk away with some practical ideas on how to change your relationship with tech, or how to reframe what slow living means to you.


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14 Responses to Technology: A Slow Living Deep-Dive

  1. A new take on tech and slow living in the days of covid-19 self-isolating and social distancing. We are seniors with underlying health risks, but this week our adult kids have set up a family WhatsApp chat group and my hubby sent his first text EVER! Yesterday 2 of my friends and I figured out FB’s Messenger video chat and had happy hour together online. I love my alone time but do miss my friends and family, so tech is being quite helpful. That said, I am restricting access to the news to a few key points in the day, thus keeping my anxiety in check. My best regards to you, Ben and your kids. Keep safe and healthy.

    • Thanks so much Cathy – I agree that tech has come to mean something very different over the past few weeks. Just another example of how useful it is as a tool (and good work on not letting the news consumption get out of hand – it’s proving difficult but so important to limit it). I’m so glad you’re able to stay in touch with family too, it’s so powerful isn’t it? xx

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