Why the Universe Decides This One.

Slowly, slowly, I am working through our possessions, deciding what to keep, what to give away, what to sell and what to toss. It’s a long process, but is incredibly satisfying, and I love seeing space in our store room, space in our wardrobes, empty drawers and clear surfaces.

I think I’m roughly 5% of the way there, but rather than feeling overwhelmed, I’m happy and content to keep plugging away at it over time, because I know it’s a lifestyle change. This isn’t the Atkins Diet of simplifying life.

This week we’re selling off some things we haven’t used for years, but hung onto for one of many reasons:


“That trip was amazing and these things are reminders of that. Plus, I think it’s cool to occasionally mention that we own snowboarding gear. (Despite the fact we haven’t ridden in 6 years.)”

“We’ll definitely go to the snow again. Someday. In about ten years.”

“Everyone keeps their wedding dresses. What will people think of me if I sell mine?”


Maybe you can relate?

Sparky and I spoke about it awhile ago (I certainly didn’t want to sell things of his without discussing it first. Relationship 101) and we were both happy to let go. I’ve listed almost all the remaining snow gear we own, the rest will join it soon enough. Controversially (??) I’ve also listed my beautiful, bespoke wedding dress. If it doesn’t sell, I’m taking that as a sign from the universe that I should keep it and turn it into something else entirely. Because the fact is, if we were to get married now our wedding day would be totally different, and as romantic a notion it is that Isy might one day wear my wedding dress, I know that won’t happen. So the fate of my dress is in the hands of the universe. Or eBay shoppers.

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