Things I Have Learnt

So I was struck down with a super nasty tummy bug on Friday (hence the radio silence) and spent a fair bit of the weekend looking after Isy, who also got sick, and tackling a hefty mound of gross laundry after I recovered. Fun, you say? Of course!

Despite the yick-factor, we actually had a really nice weekend. The weather was delicious on Sunday, which meant lots of outdoors, plus getting through a heap of tiny projects we’ve never gotten around to since moving back in post-renovation. Things like hanging curtains in the kids’ rooms, putting some bits and pieces up on the walls of the living room, fixing the laundry shelf. You know, really exciting stuff.

Things I learnt on the weekend, in no particular order:

– After rubbishing castile soap as a shampoo, I am now having to eat my words, as I’ve discovered it is the best shampoo going for my short short hair. It kind of makes it feel like salty beach hair and not 100% clean, which is good when my hair is short because super clean hair = boofy = hair helmet. My apologies, Dr Bronner.

– There is no such thing as an ill-timed Christmas party.

– Never underestimate how many people are searching the Google for a 160cm Salomon Snowboard. (Hi guys!)

– Even though meatballs and bolegnaise have virtually the same ingredients, meatballs win. Every time.

– Using craft leftovers for more craft is ridiculously satisfying.

– A paper crown could well make someone’s day.

– Sweet peas are incredibly easy to grow (so far). Plus, I shouldn’t underestimate how good gardening is for the soul.

– A liberal spray with vinegar and water will get rid of unpleasant smells.

– Pretty things on the wall make me happy. Even more so when some of them have been made by me and Isy.

Meat-Free Monday coming up shortly!

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