Three Blogs You Need to Visit. Today.

I have a sick little girl here today and a teething little boy – so I hope you’ll forgive the short post. My attentions are required elsewhere, I’m sure you’ll understand!! (Ah, the life of the water-fetching, Panadol-dosing, blanket-fixing, squeezy-cuddling Mum.)

I can only assume that if you’re reading this then you have some interest in getting organised, decluttering and slowing your life down. In which case, I’ve got three incredible blogs that I visit regularly and never leave without learning something.

Simplifying life for me means I try to spend less time browsing blogs aimlessly, and I have actually cut back on the amount of time I spend online, but these ones make the cut every single day:


Planning With Kids

Nicole is bubbly, intelligent, incredibly organised and has five kids. She’s also one of the top Australian bloggers and I love her. (In a non-strange never-actually-met-her-in-real-life-way.) If you’re looking for guidelines to leading a more organised life with your family, then I heartily recommend adding her blog to your subscribe list.

Zen Habits

The biggest of the big blogs. Leo Babauta writes 1-2 times a week about leading a slower, simpler, more balanced life with his family. He’s full to the brim with simple advice that will undoubtedly help you shift gears and change the way you look at your everyday.

Becoming Minimalist

Joshua Becker is a regular suburban dad who, along with his wife and kids, has adopted a lifestyle of “rational minimalism”. While it may be a little hardcore for many of us right now, the way he has gone about simplfying life, getting out of debt, decluttering and moving forward is truly inspiring. In fact, his ebook “Simplify” is the first I ever bought. It’s well worth a look.

Tell me, which inspirational blogs do you go to? Do you visit them daily? Weekly?


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    • More than welcome, Nic! Only just realised the link to you was dead. I’ve fixed it now though. Sorry!!
      (enjoy your time in LA too.)