The Best Way to Tidy Your House – Quickly

Confession: The past few days have been shit. Rain, toilet-training, teething baby, a newly emerged “threenager” and an acute case of the bleurghs have seen me frazzled, cranky and yelling far too often.

As a result, our place looked like a medium-sized explosive device was packed with toys, nappies, peas and puzzle pieces then detonated in the middle of our house. Ka-BOOM!

After a small mama-meltdown I picked up the number one tool in the fight against clutter:

the humble laundry basket

This is not a new idea, but it was so ridiculously helpful to me in my hour of if-I-don’t-tidy-this-place-soon-I-am-going-to-have-to-drink-some-wine-and-it’s-only-8.37am need that I thought you might benefit from it too.


So, what do you do with the basket?

1. Turn some music up very (very) loud

2. Go through each room of the house and pick up anything at all that is out of place. Dump it all in the basket.

3. When the basket is full set it on a clear table and sort everything into piles, according to where it belongs.

4. Put it all back.

Simple and effective. Thankfully. Or else this mama may have popped open a bottle of sauv blanc for breakfast.


PS. Not really. It most likely would have been whiskey.


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