Tiny Beauties


It’s easy to see that the world is full of beauty when we stand on the ocean shore or gaze at the mountain peaks. It’s easy to recognise the wonders of life when we hear the cry of a newborn or see tears in the eyes of the groom as the bride walks towards him.

But when we’re in the trenches of the daily grind? When we’re elbow-deep in laundry? Driving to work? Doing the groceries? Ferrying our kids to and from sports practice or dance class? In those times we often miss the beauty.

I’ve been in a funk lately, and while part of that is the bi-annual rut I find myself in around mid-winter and mid-summer, it’s also tied up in the fact that I feel empty. I’ve stopped my regular practice of gratitude and I’m failing to pay attention to the plentiful good that’s around.

So I want to start something new. Something that might help me realise that, actually, beauty is almost everywhere. We just need to look for it a little harder sometimes.


I want to document the tiny beauties that we so often walk by, never noticing. I want to stop, even just once a day, and pay attention to the little miracles.

The dew on the front lawn. The graffiti in the alley. The flower about to bloom. The way my son reaches up to hold my hand when crossing the road. The seedling pushing up through the dirt. The glittering shine of the road after a downpour.


These things may or may not be natural. They may or may not be traditionally beautiful. They may or may not be tied to a story. But they are worth noticing.

When I spend time every day noticing these little joys, I feel fuller. My downs don’t feel so low. I’m more easily able to see everything I have to be grateful for.

So I’m going to be posting my #tinybeauties to Instagram, and I’d love for you to join in by posting yours too. (You can follow me here.)

I don’t have any plans for these posts, other than to share these tiny beauties with whoever is open to seeing them. There’s no grand plan or product idea here. Just a need to see more of the beauty the world has to offer, beyond mountains and beaches.




16 Responses to Tiny Beauties

  1. Beautiful. I walk with my dog every day and I love to see the beauty in God’s Creation whether that be nature or people. I look forward to seeing what you see. Have a beautiful evening.

  2. This is beautiful and simple. I am with Janet. Our creator is amazing…hence,the amazing creation, Now, to just pay attention.

  3. It is true, those tiny beauties make us feel more connected and part of a beautiful experience. The sunlight through my glass of pure water on the table. The tiny flowers on the edge of the highway when I’m stuck in a traffic jam. The grown-ups holding hand in the metro station in the morning. I have been looking for inspirations beyond selfies and sunsets on Instagram and will follow #tinybeauties with great joy, thank you Brooke.

    • Thank YOU Claire. It really is easy to get caught up in the selfies and the sunsets, but if this technology is here to stay, than why not use it to spread happiness and contentment rather than comparison and cliches. I hope you enjoy the photos – and be sure to add your own whenever you spot a tiny beauty.

  4. I love this, and it is similar to something we have been doing now for 8 years. Photo of the Day is an idea a previous boss gave me, and it’s that simple- I have a folder on the computer where I put a picture from every day. It’s a reminder never to let a day go by uncelebrated in some way. Sometimes it’s the conventional day out pose or lovely view that makes the photo of the day, but most days give less obvious opportunities for a photo, and they turn out to be the best ones! A picture of a puddle, my cycle handlebars, a packet of favourite cereal, a very far-away bird, toy marbles in the sunlight or a pair of shoes…I’ve found those are some of the loveliest ones. They are very personal so don’t suit sharing online, but it’s our way of being grateful every day for what’s around us.

    • Such a cool personal project, Lucy! And I agree – there are definitely some moments that belong to us and us alone. And I love hearing how the project has helped you to reframe gratitude. That’s my hope for this project too. :)