Trove’s Farewell Fire Sale over on Etsy

 As you now know, I’ve been making a move towards a simpler life these past twelve months. This has been a move that came about initially from a massive case of burnout while running my jewellery business, Trove.

In July last year I was at the absolute end of my wits trying to juggle work plus being a full-time mum plus running the house and managing a big renovation/extension plus being pregnant. I came to a point where I realised I was not committed fully to anything, and that I needed to make a massive shift in the way I was living.

Fast forward to now and I’m a fair way along that path, still hurdling obstacles but at least I have a clear goal in mind.

I’ve been slowly clearing our home of extraneous objects and things that have been weighing us down, but up until now I hadn’t been able to open a few of the boxes in our storeroom. They hold the last of my Trove stock (around 300 pieces) and I think I was subconciously holding on to them, as selling them off would be to finally admit defeat.

But I’ve made a shift lately and I know that I need to clear the decks completely so I can keep moving forward, so here’s my opportunity to you and anyone you may know who loves beautiful, handmade jewellery – at a CRACKING discount no less.

Over the next few days I’ll be listing the rest of my Trove stock for sale on Etsy, and there is nothing over $20AUD. My retail prices used to range from $35 – $90, so this is seriously good shopping.

Go on, tell your friends, your mum, your kids and your work friends to pop on over to the shop. It’ll be worth their while!

Rings $35 $10

Earrings $55 $18

Necklaces $66 $20

Statement Necklaces $79 $20

Neckplates $79 $20

Earrings $55 $15

Studs $40 $10

Necklaces $60 $15

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