Be part of the 200th episode of The Slow Home Pogpast!

The pogpast is turning 200! To celebrate this rad community and to do something a little bit fun we’d love to get you involved in our 200th episode.

Using your computer’s in-built microphone, leave us a voicemail below and tell us in 90 seconds or less one of the following:

  • How your life has changed since learning to slow down (these can be small or big – any change towards living a slower, more intentional life is worth celebrating)
  • Your favourite tip to slow down, simplify, waste less, connect more or otherwise live your Why. The quirkier or more specific, the better!
  • Or any other interesting/funny/pogpast-specific insight into slow living and why it’s awesome!

Depending on the number of voicemails we get, we may not be able to feature all of them in Episode 200, but we’ll try our best. We can’t wait to hear from you!