The Slow Walk


Over the past couple of weeks, I stepped back from the online world. I went 10 days without checking emails and over two weeks without posting to the blog or social media.

And, somewhat surprisingly, the world didn’t stop spinning.

The world didn’t stop spinning, but my head certainly did.

And do you know what I realised? I’ve shifted so far away from my personal philosophies that I hardly recognise myself.

Back in the day, before my breakdown, before I closed my business, before I discovered the delight of living a simpler, slower life, I used to rush everywhere.

Everything was hurried and harried. I was never off. I was never at peace. I could never sit and watch a movie without checking my email. I couldn’t enjoy playing with my daughter without feeling like there was something more important to do.

While I was offline these past two weeks I realised I had become that hurried, harried, disengaged person again.

Ironically, writing, blogging, podcasting, teaching, tweeting and Facebooking about slow and simple living has made my life fast-paced, hectic and far too complicated.

Previous to this offline break, I can’t remember the last time I was able to fully disconnect from work and be present in my day to day life. What’s more, it happened so gradually that I wasn’t even aware of it until now.

So I’ve come to a difficult, but ultimately positive decision: I’m stepping back and making some big changes.

That means I’ll be closing The Bloom at the end of August (members, all details are in the email I sent on Friday) and aside from show notes for the podcast, I won’t be posting here regularly.

Instead, I’m going to spend the rest of 2015 focusing on the podcast and our in-person Slow Living events, while reclaiming the slower, simpler life we’ve worked so hard for. (I’ll also be sending an exclusive article to newsletter subscribers once a month.)

I need to re-engage with my priorities. I need to let my ego go. I need to stop thinking that success and importance come from busyness. I need to simplify.

I can’t, in good conscience, talk about the benefits of living a slow, intentional life if behind the scenes I’m living in a way that is anything but. That’s hypocritical and it’s doing everyone a disservice.

The truth is, living a slower, more intentional life means making hard choices and tough decisions. It means saying no to things I want to do now in order to say yes to things I really want in the future. 

This has not been an easy decision, which is why I can tell you it’s the right one.

I also want to tell you how much your support, kind words, emails, messages, comments and encouragement has meant to me over the past 4+ years. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being part of this community and thank you for your support and your understanding.

Here’s to walking the slow walk.




37 Responses to The Slow Walk

  1. I consider this very brave of you. I have felt a need to do this but truthfully, I’m afraid. I am afraid of being forgotten (I have done small ‘tests’ before and I WAS quickly forgotten). I feel ashamed even admitting these things but in all my efforts to simplify and ‘sell my junk’ on Facebook sights i have become even MORE addicted to Facebook. I have had a clear goal to save the $ made for a shed so there has been positivity in it BUT……Well there shouldn’t be a but if it is ‘all’ good should there? I thank you so very much for your encouragement and positivity. I do hope you keep going with the podcasts! Thank you from cold, dark Melbourne. I am grateful.

  2. Good on you. As you say, a difficult decision but for what it’s worth, i think you have made the right one. In my own experience, time is much more important than more money, fame etc. time to enjoy yourself and your family, friends and community. I wish you all the very best. Go for it!

  3. I will miss your blog posts, but I’m glad you’re doing this, because when you started the podcast and The Bloom in such rapid succession, I remember thinking that I’d be a stress-case if I had that many plates in the air, and I wondered whether you would be too. It just seemed like a lot for one person– I have one job, and a husband and four kids, and that’s enough, and it seemed like you had more and more jobs going there, even though they were in aid of a good cause. Best of luck in your slowing down. You have really inspired me, and I’ll be looking forward to the podcast and whatever posts you do.

  4. Good for you! Way to practice what you preach. Thanks for being so inspiring and showing us how to make these hard choices. I will miss your posts but have been loving the podcasts so I am glad those will keep going. Thank you for all I have learned from you!

  5. That takes a lot of courage and I fully understand where you are coming from. Life doesn’t happen online, even though it feels like it does. Walking the slow walk is courageous and you are a great role model to the rest of us! Thank you for all your brilliant posts and podcasts.

  6. I appreciate all the busyness you’ve put yourself through over the last few months in reaching out to all of your readers and listeners. What I appreciate even more is your honesty in deciding to walk the slow walk and making such difficult decisions. I love your podcasts! Thank you for all your hard work! I’m glad you’ll be getting in touch with slow again.

  7. You go, girl! Way to put family first and those things that really matter. Put your feet up tonight and sip a hot cocoa (or something a little stronger) and toast the hard-won slower life. :)

  8. Absolutely!
    Backing you all the way.
    Your blog has been a staple read for me, but I understand 100% what you’re saying about how all consuming the online world is.
    You’ve built up a very successful business with your message- whether you meant to or not!
    All the best

  9. Wow that’s amazing and ever so inspiring. I’m only a newish follower to your blog and love what I have read so far, but I’m sure there is much more in the archives! I have also been enjoying your podcasts immensely so look forward to hearing more about your journey through them. Take care and well done on your decision as family should always come first.

  10. I’ve been following your blog for a long time and it is one of my favorites. Your writing has been very inspiring and encouraging, so thank you! I admire your honesty and am about to embrace a lesser online presence myself, by disconnecting from Facebook (it’s addicting!). If you ever make it to the southern US I’ll be first in line to buy tickets! :) Best wishes!

  11. Good for you! I was wondering how you were managing it all … life has different seasons and it’s good you’ve figured out what is important and what can go for now. Before you know it you’ll be in a different season (they come with scary rapidity when you have kids ;) and you can change your life again then. Those hard decisions are OH so hard, but in the end the feeling of lightness is amazing! I’ll miss your blog posts, but will listen to podcasts now and then, would love to come to an event.

  12. Honest and straight forward…point well made. Found myself doing the same thing but on a lesser scale. Enjoy the stepping back and the fun and laughter with your family.

  13. Well done you! I’m so glad you’re continuing with the podcast, as I love it and find it so inspiring. I listen while working at my craft business, and wondering why I’m feeling stressed when I dreamed of this during my many years in the corporate world! This post is a fantastic inspiration, I’ll be doing some thinking…

  14. Brooke-you are such an inspiration to all. I am always grateful that I found your site. Your podcasts are brilliant ( I have saved all of them and listen over and over!). Good on you for stepping back and prioritising what is important to you.

  15. Where can we subscribe to your newsletter? I’ve had a peek around and can’t find it. But maybe I’m being blind haha

  16. Good on you. I feel I need to do the same. And I’m thankful for your honesty and courage – which is helping inspire me to make the leap I need to make as well. I have appreciated your blog and podcast and I’m thankful for all the hard work you have put into that.
    Best wishes.

  17. Thank you Brooke for being willing to live the life you write about. I second all of the other comments.
    I’m glad you chose to continue the podcasts. I especially like that you and your husband co-host. It is fun to get his insights into the whole Slow movement. Blessings in all you do AND don’t do.

  18. Stepping away is hard, but you must be true to your core. I have discovered the same thing with retirement; because I had time to spend on activities I couldn’t do when working full time, my schedule got so overloaded (even though it was with things I loved) that I was way too busy. I’m now working at “cutting back” in order to really have some down time. Good luck with your slowing down. – Fawn

  19. I totally get it! Am doing that myself. Good for you on recognizing it AND doing something about it. How much happier you will be…..

  20. It’s funny how success leads to hectic. I will continue to follow your blog and be a part of the totally wonderful FB Annual Declutter Challenge group. Enjoy!

  21. It sounds like a hard decision to step away from some things, but that makes perfect sense! Enjoy the new-found space in your life!

  22. Brooke, wistfully I wish you peace and goodness in your life. I will miss the blog immensely. Because of choosing Slow Your Home as my “banner blog”, I was able to completely dump the four time wasting fashion blogs I was keeping up with. learning about living a slow life made fashion very uninteresting after a time.

    I unplug a lot now too. My favorite Christian writer , Ann Voskamp, reminds us that Life Is Not An Emergency. emails can wait and be blown off. people can wait and may have to be blown off too. But for the sake of self preservation these things must be done.

  23. Brooke, that is a brave and inspirational decision you’ve made. I’m so glad you’re being true to yourself and your beliefs. Thanks for showing us that leading a slow life isn’t easy in this society and that even the best of us get caught up in hectic adventures at times. Enjoy your new chapter of slow!

  24. Will miss you Brooke. I have always loved your blogs and I prefer reading blogs over listening to podcasts, so I am definitely going to miss you. But I completely understand and support your decision. Good luck.

  25. Love all your work Brooke, and inspired by your courage to be authentic and to live out the message of slow that you share so competently with others. A big fan of your podcast (even overheard my husband listening to it the other day too!), so will look forward to each installment. May you be blessed and flourish in the season ahead, and may it inspire us all to do the same.

  26. Thank you Brooke for your integrity. I love listening to the podcast and will continue to do that. I started blogging several months ago and I know what you are taking about to a smaller degree. There are so many things and tasks that we COULD do in the short term but it’s not necessarily in line with what we are hoping for in the long term. Bless you in this next season!

  27. This makes me respect you even more. I love that you’re not afraid to admit where you’re at . . . and to take steps to make sure you’re living honestly, matching what you say with what you do. I think it’s great. I recently stopped blogging for a little bit because I had people visiting and I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant with a 4th child and it was a lot. And what I found was part of me felt badly for not blogging at least twice a week and I had people asking when my next post is. But I needed to step back and slow down a bit and not just write for the sake of writing/for others. And it has been good for me. So I applaud you for this. :)

  28. I’ve only lately discovered your podcast and website, but you’ve already had a huge impact on me. Reading this article last week inspired me to delete all the social media apps from my phone. I haven’t missed them at all and I’ve read two books in a week!
    Thank you :)