Walking the Walk.

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Sometimes, you just have to let it go.

The guilt, the shoulds, the expectations, the have-tos.

When things are too hectic, too pressured, too tense and you’ve stopped enjoying your days, then it’s time to let something go. It’s time to tilt. Work out where the heaviness is. Assess what part of your world can carry on without you for a little while. Go find your enjoyment again.

Recently I’ve allowed myself to tilt towards:

  • sleeping more and writing less
  • exercising more and chastising myself less
  • reading more and watching less TV
  • talking to Ben more and opening the iPad less

But it’s an ever-changing, fluid way of living. Ironically, to simplify my days often proves quite complex.

Here at home, we’ve all been sick over the past three weeks, so resting and sleeping more is important. I’m tilting towards recovering and helping the kids. But giving myself that extra time to sleep and care means I am writing less. And writing less makes me edgy. So today I’m tilting away from housework and towards writing.

The key is that I no longer think I can do it all. 

In fact, I know I can’t. And I know you can’t. And I’m sorry if that pisses you off like it used to piss me off. But accepting it is a good move.

Instead of looking at it as a limitation on yourself, make it a freedom. You become barrierless once you realise that it’s your choices that define your actions, and your actions that define you.

How could you benefit from tilting right now?


PS. The March 2013 in 2013 post will be up during the week. I may be tilting, but I haven’t forgotten. x

9 Responses to Walking the Walk.

  1. Really sorry to hear you have been sick. Hope everyone is on the mend. I did notice you were not around as usual and missed you. A bit late starting but I will get onto 2013 in 2013. I think I took about 50 things to the local hospice charity shop this morning, a good start and it felt great!

  2. Hey Brooke, good to see you back!

    Sorry to hear that you’ve all been ill! But glad you have been resting, and have been able to take time out from writing. I like the idea of tilting.

    I’m at 105 items for 2013. I don’t quite know how I don’t notice the absence of 105 items, but hey, maybe that’s because I have so many others!

  3. Brooke,

    Thank you for sharing about tilting a few weeks back! I read that post and it was like a lightbulb literally went off in my head! I suddenly got it, it’s not all about trying to achieve balance!

    These past few weeks, I’ve been viewing my life in light of tilting. Last week my preschooler was gone, giving me one on one time with my littlest. I definitely tilted away from internet/distractions and tilted towards him. Yesterday, I was a bit under the weather, so I tilted towards resting and away from the general activity that comes from being a mama and running a household!

    And, the beauty about tilting, I’m not trying to do it all. I know some things need to have priority over others at that moment so it eliminates the guilt that comes with trying to balance it all.

  4. I was feeling overwhelmed at the end of February and found myself telling more than one person “We are so busy right now – busier than I’d like to be.” And then it hit me that the only reason we are busy is because I allowed it. I have total control over our lives and our schedule. I CAN have the life I want….(a slower life). So March is “stay at home” month and we’ve tilted away from scheduled activities. So far it’s been very refreshing for all of us.

  5. Glad that you are on the mend, and that you felt able to do what you needed to get there peacefully. I appreciate the idea of tilting and look forward to looking at it and seeing what it might do for me. My problem is not the should’s. It’s the want-to’s. Running into some real physical limitations in the past two months, and, yes, I am pissed off! Trying to surrender to it. Not there yet.

  6. Thanks for the reminder that we are human and cannot possibly “do it all”. It is nice to know that someone else feels the same way. Granted we may try but, not always succeed.
    I hope you are feeling better and that the extra rest is helping. Also hope the time change has not affected you too much.

  7. Our winters are long, and dark and it is hard to keep steady. I have, mostly, allowed myself to tilt back and rest more than normal. I worked so hard for summer and autumn and right through the holidays that January came and I stopped being so productive. It helped that my sewing machine died and that my garden is under three feet of snow. Sickness here since Valentines slowed me even more.

    But today we hit 50*. We discovered hundreds of tulips and daffodils poking up where the snow has receded. And I feel better than I have in weeks.

    Hopefully, this resting time will bring with the the renewed strength needed for the upcoming planting season.

    Sorry to hear of another not feeling well. This has been the longest stretch of sickness for me in over a decade.

  8. One of my colleagues said, after Beanie was born “I know you’re a great teacher, and I imagine you’re a great mother as well. But know that you can’t give 100% to either.”

    That was the permission I needed, to tilt, and the size of the slice of pie changes, with my life circumstances.

  9. Tilting towards better and more self-care is the thing for me at the moemnt and towards listening deeply to my inner wisodm instead of the outer commetns of others. A lovely suggestions, to tilt. X