Weekend. It’s the Week-END.

Just be.

This weekend is a long one in Australia. (Happy Birthday, Queen! And cheers for the holiday Monday.) But long weekend or not, I have a proposal or a challenge to make to you all.

I challenge you to resurrect the weekend.

You know, that time after Friday and before Monday? The time we look forward to all week?  That 48 hours that seems so heavenly at 4pm on Friday afternoon, only to disappear in a blur of to-do lists, home projects, social events, sporting commitments and activities? Lest we feel we’re not being productive with our precious spare hours? Yes. That time.

It is time to reclaim that time.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that those precious hours need to be filled with things that can’t happen at any other time – sporting matches, weddings, work around the house. That’s life and life is busy.

But instead of viewing Saturday and Sunday as blocks of time to fill completely before we even arrive at Friday afternoon, we need to build time in to just be. And to just do what grabs us in the moment:

  • get in the car and drive with no destination in mind
  • go camping
  • visit friends just because you want to
  • go to the beach
  • visit a small town and wander aimlessly
  • go for a bushwalk
  • stay up late, light a fire and look at the stars
  • drink cocktails in the afternoon

Live spontaneously (when you can – ha! how’s that for irony?) and celebrate life, exactly as it is right now.

Because if you’re anything like Sparky and I, you’re always moving forward and thinking about the next hurdle, the next goal, the next big dream. But it’s so wonderful to just stop once in a while and enjoy the view.

Then, go.

What are you planning this weekend? Will you carve out some time to just be?

8 Responses to Weekend. It’s the Week-END.

  1. This sounds blissful! Unfortunately I am moving house this weekend. Instead, as I was not involved in the packing, I will be doing the unpacking and, more importantly, the decluttering and working on the donation pile. Don’t think I will get to 2012 things….but hopefully we’ll be a bit lighter come Monday evening :)

  2. I wish i’d thought about it before i said yes to meeting some girlfriends. I adore them but only saw them relatively recently and think i’d rather be home doing ‘nothing’. On a more positive note, inspired by you i did a large op shop run with old books and gave all my old kids toys to friends. Not only do i feel virtuous but my house is less cluttered!

    • I absolutely love the idea of no internet/less TV days, Nicole! I’ve started watching less and less and I’m amazed at how much calmer I feel – not to mention how much more sleep/reading is happening.

      How does the family go with no net/less TV Sundays?

  3. can’t wait for bootcamp! trying to log on to recieve the email when it goes live but it keeps shunning me…. i’ll shall wait eagerly with each new post so i don’t miss out!!

    • Thank you lovely Tam! I’m excited for it too – a couple of weeks until it launches. I didn’t realise my existing mailing list members were having trouble signing up – thank you for the heads-up!

      I’ll send an email around shortly that will let you update your preferences, so that you will hear when BootCamp is ready to launch. x

    • Nice one! I read about your board game and Anzac biscuits afternoon – sounded delicious and fun.

      And even after I wrote this post, Sparky and I had to continue to remind ourselves to just chill. We’re all so used to filling all of our time with activity. It’s definitely something we need to keep working on…

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