Play-Time: More Handmade Christmas Wrapping Paper

On Friday I got all serious on you, so today I thought I could show you the fun, messy catalyst for my “perfection is overrated” post.

Even though my Play Time posts are geared towards those of you with kids, this particular activity is so joyful and fun that I would highly recommend anyone with an hour or two and some old clothes to give it a whirl.


You’ll need:

some colourful acrylic paints
plastic bowls/plates
brown kraft paper roll
old clothes
old facewasher for clean up

1. Roll out your kraft paper on the grass, or a painter’s drop-sheet. Hold down with a couple of weights to stop it blowing around.

2. Squirt some of your paints into the bowls, or you can fling the paint straight from the tubes. A combination of both is great for both the experience and the visual result.

3. Have at it, friends! Fling, drip, splat, whirl and flick to your heart’s content.

4. Leave to dry completely (this may take a few hours if you use as much paint as we did)

5. Use as wrapping paper or as an accent to plain kraft paper. And have fun telling everyone about your painting adventures on Christmas Day.

This would also be a fun and inexpensive way to create art work for your walls. Either cut the kraft paper to size and frame a few to hang, gallery-style, or buy some pre-made canvases from a craft store.


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