Y is for Yes: A-Z of Simple Living

Y is for Yes: A-Z of Simple Living

This January, we’re taking an in-depth look at the why and how of simplicity with the A-Z of Simple Living. If you want to make 2015 the year you create a simpler, slower life, why not join us?


Embracing simple living feels like saying no a lot.

  • No, I won’t buy that dress.
  • No, I don’t need to fill that space.
  • No, I won’t overcommit my time.
  • No, I won’t buy into the drama.

And quite often, we need to say no.

But simple living isn’t about withholding pleasures, going without joy or embracing a life of scarcity. It’s about setting yourself free. Specifically, setting yourself free to say yes more often, yes to the things that are important, yes to actually living life.

We can be free to say yes to:

  • space – both mental and physical
  • your kids when they ask you to play
  • engaging more
  • enjoying a cup of coffee with your partner – even if there is still work to be done
  • finding your passions
  • peace and quiet – sitting in the stillness is OK
  • spontaneous adventures and travel
  • getting up earlier

Some of these things you may be already doing, and some you may have no interest in doing. The difference here is choice. We’re making room in our lives – by simplifying – to say yes to more of the things we want to, when we want to.

What do you want to say yes to?


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  1. […] skriver i bloggen Slow Your Home om akkurat dette i dag. I innlegget viser hun til en del eksempler, men det viktigste poenget etter min mening oppsummerer hun […]

  2. I love this! Like Vanessa, I tend to think of simple living as saying no to things (I don’t need more clothing or clutter) and yes to experiences (but spending that same money on dinner with friends is totally okay!). I think, at least for me, that freeing up my life from unnecessary things gives me more time and money to spend with people I love doing fun things (or just chillaxing!).

  3. Love the post. I enjoy being able to say yes to my daughter when she wants to play or wants me to play with her. I really want to say yes to travel at some point before I am too old and gray to enjoy it or just cant move very well.

  4. I agree with Vanessa, a simple life is no to stuff and yes to life. Also I find that unless I have said no to stuff, I don’t have the space and time in my life to say yes to the good things.

  5. So true- Since I’ve started to live in a more simple way I feel like I can say yes to things that I would have felt guilty about before. I can embrace the fact that sometimes I need more time to myself, or that I just want to play around outside with the kids and ignore the chores.I can say yes to wanting to spend an evening with my partner. I can fit more of the important stuff in now by saying no to the unnecessary!

  6. […] Right now I only really read two blogs and frequent one website (beyond pinterest, school sites, netflix, and instagram). Each one gives me advice in one form or another on how to best live my life. I like that. The first is the website and it’s mostly interior design/decorating and gardening. It’s a good launching point for other things around the web as well. The second is a simple living blog that I try to read every day because it makes me happy and feel like i’m doing the right thing by living simply. The last is a more minimalist approach to the simple living movement. It’s refreshing. For all three,I gave you a jumping off point so you don’t get stuck on the homepage (or the About Me) section. They are: Apartment Therapy So I can drool over the best homes (and pin for future reference). But also so I can learn to take care of my rental space and decorate it. Hit and miss on the advice but the pictures are always beautiful. Instead of one article, since it is a website and not a blog, I’ll start you off with a useful section for those in college or living in a small space. Slow Your Home The author is a ‘mum’ and from another country (not sure which but she writes in English and uses kilometers and other foreign measurements). But her advice is across the board applicable to most people’s lives. A good post to start with is a part of a series on living simple A-Z (living simple blog): Let’s start with Y. […]

  7. Hi Brook,

    I read your post, and just found your blog; Love it! You actually inspired a post in my blog today. Thanks for the info you portrayed, I loved the part that says: “Embracing simple living feels like saying no a lot.” I´m more of a YES person, so this post triggered something inside.

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