Your Best Year Yet (and a Giveaway) – CLOSED

Your Best Year Yet >> An amazing little book by Kelly ExeterWe all have a story to tell.

Some stories are more interesting than others, some are darker, some are funnier, but all of them are worthy.

Sometimes we like to fool ourselves in thinking our stories are completely unique. Our struggles are new. Our downfalls, our weaknesses or our trials have never before been felt to this degree.

I’ve often felt like this, but the reality is it’s not true.

So many of the struggles we have are common. The circumstances, the names and the locations may differ, but the battles are shared amongst many. And that’s what I was struck with last weekend when I opened Kelly Exeter’s wonderful new book, Your Best Year Yet – 7 simple ways to shift your thinking and take charge of your life.

“Meanwhile, I was trying to be a good mum to my little baby, a good wife to my husband, a good friend, sibling, daughter, person – you know the drill…

“Life felt completely out of control and before long my mental and physical health started to deteriorate.”

That was me. That story right there is mine.

Turns out it was also Kelly’s. It may also have been yours, or perhaps it still is.

My point is, you aren’t alone in your struggles just as I wasn’t in mine (even if it felt like it). I only wish I had Kelly’s words to fall back on in the days where I struggled to get through to bed time without losing my mind.

“The only person who should get to write the story of your life is you. So start shaping a narrative around the person you want to be, not the person other people think you are.”

At its heart, this book is about rethinking your life and how you are choosing to live it. It’s not about simplifying as such, but it provides very simple, very do-able guidelines for rethinking habits, happiness, decision-making and time management. I found myself nodding along excitedly more than once while reading, and, I’m not going to lie, there might have been a fistpump or two.

Blueprint to your best year yet

Kelly and I really jive on this stuff, and I believe you’ll get a lot out of Your Best Year Yet. Which brings me to the exciting news – I have 5 copies of this wonderful book to give away!   Thanks so much for entering. The competition has now closed and winners have been notified. 

Simply leave a comment below and you’ll go into the draw to win a copy of Your Best Year Yet. This competition is open to everyone, just be sure to include your email address when leaving your comment.

(Entries close Monday 4th August 11:59pm AEST, and I will email the winners within 24 hours).

Good luck!

125 Responses to Your Best Year Yet (and a Giveaway) – CLOSED

  1. I know its nearly August; but can my best year begin now?
    I’m beginning to think I’ve past my prime and I haven’t ‘figured things out’ yet.
    Or maybe I watch too many movies.
    I think I need some clarity and perspective!

  2. Yes….. A thousand times this is me right now!! Good to know i am not alone! Taking 6 months off sabbatical from teaching so i can get my mind and body back on track!

  3. Thank you for offering this book up in a giveaway. It’s always so reassuring to find others’ stories that I relate to so much.


  4. Yes, yes & yes! This would be perfect for me right now! It’s definitely time for me to reshape my life starting with me! So much time spent on everyone else lately…. Now I need to honour myself and fill my own cup.

  5. Oh, I so need this. Feel like I am juggling so many balls! I need some clarity to get out of the mind numbing everyday worries.

  6. Would love to read this book! Thx for the giveaway opportunity. Good timing… Already trying to keep the stress of school starting at bay.

  7. Sounds like exactly what I need. I feel like I’m fighting a never ending battle to balance my life.

  8. ooh ooohh ooohhhh, pick me please please pretty please!

    i love kelley’s blog and manifestos; can’t wait to read the book, too.

    giveaways must be the bomb!

    xoxo, elizabuf

  9. “So start shaping a narrative around the person you want to be, not the person other people think you are…”

    Wow that is really powerful. I needed this today, thank you!
    I bet the rest of the book has great little gems like that one!

  10. This is so true “The only person who should get to write the story of your life is you”! But we always forget it! thank you for sharing :)

  11. could be me too, have been trying to dig myself out of a big hole for too long. never ends, young dog got acute kidney failure and nearly died, then my gorgeous mum did die, dad ended up in a nursing home, then decided to renovate house and start a job at the same time (big mistake), now my brother has been diagnosed with cancer. all within 12 months. in between I look after our 60 acre property, have a full on 6 year old and my husband works away. I know I am not robinson crusoe here but I definitely need tools so I can reclaim my life. I love your blog by the way!

  12. I am going to write out #7 and stick it on my fridge! I would love to read this book. Thanks for the post.

  13. Yep this is me too…funny how there’s so many of us! Would love to have a read of this book, thanks!

  14. My third (and last) child is coming up to his first birthday and I feel like it’s now time for me to come out of the baby fog that I’ve been in for the past 7 years. The trouble is I now don’t know who I am or what I want to do, after concentrating on my children and being who they’ve needed me to be for so long. I’m excited for the future but also scared and overwhelmed, I would love a simple plan to move forward with.

  15. Oh, I’d love to win the book! Have been a fan of both you and Kelly for a while now, this book would be a perfect gift to my mum who’s struggling with a burn out

  16. Hello Brooke. You absolutely get me with your words to the book. I want to read it right now. One of my tattoos says ‘choose to be me’ .. it seems that this book would fit perfectly into this topic. Thanks for the opportunity .. btw I love your blog, Brooke.

  17. I feel the same as many of the other commenters. I,too, am coming out of an annus horibilis. And like the first commenter, I feel as though I’m past my prime and still don’t have it figured out either. I’m afraid I’ve become very cynical. Perhaps I can have a good year, if not my best year; but I’m more inclined to think the best is behind me. At any rate, the book has piqued my interest.

  18. In June last year I was overdoing everything and running on empty. I jumped ship from work and have had my ‘best year yet’ living more simply, frugally, sustainably, connecting more with my family and being me. Circumstances have changed and I am now into my third week back at work. Things are going backwards fast! This book might be what I need to get back on track.

    And Brooke, slow your home has been inspirational for me over the past 12 months. Thankyou!

  19. Dear Brooke,

    What an inspiration you are! Thank you. My friend and myself could use a “best year ever” – who couldn’t. I think that if I were to win, I’d share it with her or work with her to make it so.



  20. I really need to get my act together, right now a lot is changing. I hope for the best but my pessimistic side is really bringing me down. Maybe this is just the pick me up I need!

  21. I’ve been trying to apply number 3 and have noticed a real difference! The others will take some more work!

  22. Oh, I hope I win! It’s my birthday today, such a happy coincidence! =D and I always think of August 1 as my New Year! =)
    You had me at Number 1..
    Every night as I wind down for bed, I have Homer Simpson, playing “Doh” constantly for wasting yet another day.

  23. This sounds like a really interesting read, and already i can see in some of those 7 points, there are certainly some foreign concepts for me. I’m only juuuuust feeling like I’m ever so slowly becoming interested in sorting myself out.

  24. This book sounds amazing – I am at a crossroads in my life right now, especially with respect to my career and where we live. I feel that this book would be a useful tool to start figuring it all out :)

  25. I absolutely love your website, your writing, your compassion! I feel calmer every time I read your posts. Thank you for being here . . .

  26. I love #5 on the list. As a new mama, I would love to read this book! For the first time in a while I have time to actually read…too bad it’s in the wee early hours with a wide awake baby. :)

  27. This book sounds really interesting. I am always looking for that something to help me put my life back on track. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  28. I think this book would really help right now. Trying to strike a good balance is like trying to walk a tight-rope in a windstorm….it’s not going so well. Thanks for the consideration. Sounds like a lot of us need this book. May the person needing it the most win. Even if it isn’t me! That just means my windstorm isn’t as bad as someone else! ;-)

  29. This is me right now. I am both mentally and physically exhausted from trying to do it all and do it all perfectly. This book sounds like just what I need right now.

  30. Wow I so need this right now to help me manage to maintain a bit of myself in all the craziness.

  31. What a great piece to the puzzle. I’ve been working to minimalist, improve my health (thyroid and adrenal issues) and this would pull everything together for me.

  32. I can also relate to this! I love the blueprint…I feel number 6 is especially important in my life and something I need to work on. With three children (2 of them under 2), I find myself stuck in a social rut. I rely too much on social media and the internet to feel connected with others. It’s great in some ways, but I feel that the best connections are made in person. :)

  33. Dear Brooke,
    that sounds really good and I love to rethink life a lot!
    It always brings fresh air into habits and routines.
    Have a good day!

  34. I can certainly relate to feeling like I have to perfectly execute every responsibility and have every answer. It is overwhelming to play multiple roles and be responsible to/for multiple people, myself included.

  35. Would love to win this book it would be a great reminder for my husband who feels that he needs to cram in as much stuff as possible and somehow find an extra hour or three.

  36. As a first time mom I think this book would be incredibly valuable to slowing down life and living OUR best year yet :) thank you for the opportunity to win this book.

  37. Oh my! A fist pump or two? It must be good!
    I’m learning to live by my lights, by my standards not anyone else’s. My best year ever? Don’t we all want that!

  38. Awesome. Starting a leave of absence on Monday for 6 weeks to get my health back on track after 2 years of extreme stress. I need to read this book.

  39. I would love to win this book as I am embarking on a journey to simplify my life and need all the pointers I can get. Hope you will send it to Denmark if I were so lucky to win:-) Thanks for a great blog!

  40. Sounds like a wonderful read.I’ve been given the opportunity to stay home with my kids for a yesr. I would love for it to be the best year ever.

  41. I feel like I know where I want to go, but as a mom of young kids, too small of a portion of my day can be directed towards getting there. Would love to read.

  42. Um, I sort of love that my comment is made on Jul 31st and the people above commented BEFORE me on August 1. hehe! Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Looks like a very worthwhile read. I’d love to read the book. Thank you for the chance to win a copy!

  44. With my 50th birthday quickly approaching, I am more determined than ever to stop living to please everyone else. I’m not advocating selfishness, but for too many years, I have been a people-pleaser. It’s time to stop. I think this book will be a big help! Great giveaway!

  45. I’m in a terrible spot of being jealous of my wonderful husband’s focus and motivation towards his art. I keep blaming his dedication to his art for my lack of motivation towards being a writer….it makes no sense at all! I really need to focus on my own best year rather than having negative thoughts about what is turning out to be a wonderful year for him. Bleurgh, saying that out loud was really hard!

  46. My youngest is going off to school full time this year, so suddenly I have a lot of questions about how to spend my time (I don’t have a paid job outside the home). Sounds like this would be so helpful!!

  47. I’ve recently begun simplifying my life and I am reaping the reward in so many aspects of my life. I would love to read this book!

  48. I agree with the comments asking if we can begin our best year right here and now. It’s always time to keep on improving ourselves and our lives and making the very best of each and every day. The book sounds perfect!!

  49. I am already on the path of my best year…….lots of ups and downs…..lots of twists and turns …….scary and exciting……..and this book sounds like wonderful treasure map for my continuing journey!

  50. I sure could use this book. I have two small children and until last month I worked full time in a corporate job in a career that I have invested my life in and worked very hard to get to the top in a over-50 male dominated environment. Until I just couldn’t do it anymore. I am now on 12 months unpaid leave and I need to figure out a better way to live my life!

  51. It’s scary that I feel a little sick in my guts to read those points, knowing how intrinsically important they are – and that I am the one denying them for myself. I’ve gotta stop that.

  52. I love this book. It simplicity makes it so profound. I brought the eBook and loved giving myself an evening to indulge in myself reading and writing. I’d love a proper hard copy version to stroke, and carry around with me. I’d love to refer to it often and easily. I want to scribble little notes in it, underline the profound and just generally make Kelly’s words mine.

  53. As a new teacher, I am convinced this will be the best year yet for and my young students! Would greatly appreciate a copy of the book!

  54. Thanks for the contest. What a wonderful looking and sounding book. I’m pretty thankful for the year I’ve been having so far.

  55. Great post! I enjoyed the point on just making good habits to replace old ones that no longer serve you, as this is something I am working through now.

    I can also relate to the idea of being the one to write your own story instead of living someone else’s version of what they think is best for you. While other peoples ideas of what is best for you often come from a place of love, you’re the one who’s got to be happy with your life at the end of the day, not someone else.

  56. ahhhhh. This sounds so wonderful. I have a friend I would like to share this book with once I finish reading it!

  57. The thought of winning this book makes me want to fistpump! Those seven points really speak to me. Here’s hoping!


  58. That blueprint is perfect! Looking for some more inspiration to get out of the everyday rut and live more intentionally. Thanks the chance to win!

  59. Hi Brooke – as always your words and stories strike a chord with me – and it sounds like Kelly’s will too. I feel like I am already heading down the right path this year and learning how to really take care of myself. Coming across your blog early this year has helped me immensely as I always feel comforted and in sync with your posts. While Kelly’s book would be wonderful to win – at this moment I just feel grateful to be feeling better than I have in years – partly because I know I am not alone. Thank you :)

  60. Sounds like a great way to think about the year ahead! Would
    Love to add this to my summer reading.

  61. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget these things which make so much sense.
    What a great way to be reminded.

  62. Hi Brooke, I have been following your blog for well over a year now and with your help have come so far in making me and my life more like I want it to be but with the birth of my second child I have taken a few steps back -a few more things have entered the house than necessary as have a few negative thoughts about myself. The difference is I am now aware of it and planning to do the due clutter boot camp for the second time. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  63. I would live a copy of this book. I have spent the last few years downsizing and simplifying my life. Just from your introduction I think this book has more valuable information to help me along my path.

  64. “Meanwhile, I was trying to be a good mum to my little baby, a good wife to my husband, a good friend, sibling, daughter, person – you know the drill…

    “Life felt completely out of control and before long my mental and physical health started to deteriorate.”

    Ummmm, yeah. This is my life every day…Waking up in my child’s bed (she needed me after her nightmares), rushing through the only 20 minutes I sometimes get alone to shower. Get kids ready, throw my clothing together and on. Rush to drop off of at daycare, rush to work to “support” 5 sales people and their hundreds of clients. Miss lunch. Work late. Rush to get the kids, feeling guilty that I’m late. Deal with their meltdowns on the drive home, because their hungry and tired (because I was late). Get their dinner ready (oh did I forget to put my purse down). Feed Them. Get dinner ready for me and the hubs. Eat (while getting up 10 times to tend to things the kids can’t possibly wait for until I’m done). nevermind, I don’t have an appetite anymore. Clean up. Get lunches ready for tomorrow. Kids to bed. Get 45 minutes to watch a show with my husband. Tend to my husband (if I can stay awake long enough to get to our bedroom). Attempt to sleep while all the crap I forgot to do today and the additional crap I will have to do tomorrow run through my head. Then it all happens again the next day…I could use this!

  65. I would love to read this book. My husband recently lost his job and it has plunged us into a scary, stressful time as we have three young children. Living a life with less certainly helps the burden but it’s still a new and scary place for us.

  66. Brooke,

    While I would love to win the book, there seem to be many more deserving people after reading the other comments. I just wanted to say thanks for making me aware of the book. Hope that you have a great year.


  67. Now really, who doesn’t need their best year yet? I have some big life changes coming up this fall, however, that make me ripe for change. Could be the right time to read this book!

  68. Hi! This looks great- I love #6! In a world of constant change in growth in technology and social media, I don’t want to live my life through a screen. I want real breathing, living, talking human interaction!

  69. I am on holiday right now and was just thinking yesterday that I want to get focused and change / really work on some things on my return, as though were a new calendar year :) this sounds great would love to win a copy cheers!

  70. I would love a copy, not for myself but for a friend. She is struggling with her world presently and maybe this might enable her to shift her thinking. Hopefully she might let me read it with her, I am sure I could learn a few things

  71. Good reminders to stay focused on what is important. Motivation is a myth! I discovered this several years back when I decided to get fit… action though tends to produce motivation, once you act and experience success it can motivate you to do even more. And wobbly courage, I love that! Too often we think too big when life is filled with small steps.

  72. I have been studying Voluntary Simplicity (from NWEI) and trying to move my life in that direction. has been a lovely resource, and “Your Best Year Yet” would definitely help to reach my goals. Thanks for all you do!

  73. I was thinking that I’d love to win the giveaway, except I don’t want to add anything to my home, as I’ve been working so hard to get rid of things. But then I realized I could have the best of both worlds: I could read it, and then have the joy of giving it to someone else so they could enjoy it, and then they might pass it on, too! I hope I get that chance!

  74. After the year I and my fellow teachers had at work last year, I think this book would be a great thing to have on hand and share with the school faculty

  75. I’m learning (again) to love others more, I need to love myself. All of myself. Would love to win this book and help develop my story. Thanks :)