On Season 5 of The Slow Home Podcast…

Season 5 brings with it a fresh new format, featuring deep-dives in to what slow living looks like in real life and a check-in with guests from last season.

This season we cover a broad range of slow living topics, including:

  • finding and maintaining your daily rhythm
  • how to reduce waste
  • managing tech both at work and at home (and how we manage it working from home)
  • finding and creating community
  • exercise and self-care
  • running a household

As always, we’re filling this season with a lot of real talk and deep conversations on what it truly means to live slow, and you can join tens of thousands of poggie listeners from all over the world every Thursday morning as we talk all things slow living.

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Rhythms: A Slow Living Deep Dive

Rhythms: A Slow Living Deep Dive

"It’s much better to have five minutes of discomfort by saying no, than having months of resentment." Welcome back to another season of the Slow Home podcast!  As we mentioned in last week's sneak peek, Season 5 of the poggie has a new format that I'm pumped to share with you. Each episode comprises of two parts, the first which will see ... MORE