100th Episode Celebration and AMA

AMA: Episode 100 of The Slow Home Podcast

About 18 months ago I mentioned to Ben I’d be keen to start a podcast that talked about slow living. Maybe it would just be me, maybe it would feature interviews, maybe it would be interesting to a few people. So I made some recordings, interviewed some very kind people, Ben edited them together and we were on our way.

Fast forward to now, and never in a million years would I have imagined the ways our little podcast could have changed our lives. Not only does life look different because we’re now self-employed, but it’s slower and kinder and more intentional all-round. We’ve made massive shifts in how we live (yoga, meditation, mindful living, more sleep, less time on screens, more family time, more adventure, more kindness, less stuff, less stress, less clutter) and continue to take small steps every day towards a life closely aligned with our Why.

All from saying yes to an off the cuff, out of the blue idea to start a podcast.

Before we jump in to today’s extra special hosts-only century celebration spectacular, I just wanted to say thank you to you for being here. Thank you for listening and engaging and trying things along side us. Thank you for your questions and your guest suggestions. Thank you for the inside jokes and the beautiful emails I get every day. Thank you for accepting our weirdness and being OK (for the most part) with the slow way we speak and the silly ways we banter. It’s an absolute privilege to share a little slice of your week, and I’m insanely thankful for you.

With that in mind, today’s episode is a really fun one. We opened up an AMA (ask me anything) on Facebook last week and got some cracking good questions. Today we talk about TV and books, the things we miss about pre-slow life (Ben has a surprising answer to this one and it’s really got me thinking) and where we would spend 24 child-free hours anywhere in the world. We also share some of our favourite music, areas of life that challenge us to live slow and the utterly boring story of how Ben and I met.

It’s a celebration of the past 100 episodes, peppered with lots of chat about slowing down – including a particular issue that’s been sitting not quite right with me for months, related to the difference between having a fast-paced job and living a fast-paced life. I feel like there might be a full episode in there somewhere…

In the meantime though, enjoy this extra special 100th episode of the poggie! Much love. xx


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9 Responses to 100th Episode Celebration and AMA

  1. Wow!!!! Congrats guys, I love your podcast & number 100 was great! Even though I only found out about your podcast recently I am catching up on all of the podcasts. They have changed my life & I can’t thank you enough! Keep up the good work

  2. Due to school holidays I’m way behind with my pod listening so it’ll be a few commutes before I listen to this one. But I wanted to say congratulations on reaching the 100 mark & thank you xx

  3. It really is a brilliant, thought-provoking and insightful podcast. It’s also refreshing that you and Ben don’t take yourselves too seriously, you are honest about your struggles, but your courage and your enthusiasm really do have such a positive effect on the listener so you should be really proud of what you have created. For those of us swimming against the tide and trying to opt out of the rat race even in a small way it’s such a blessing to be able to hear like-minded people out there and the podcast is such a good way of opening up the slow living community to those of us who might be new to it. So to echo the other comments….. well done and thank you so much.

  4. Ohhh, how far your poggie and you and Ben have come since episode 1! It’s an absolute gift to have your voices offering value in the world so often.

    And since we’re going with the “make a toast” motif in these show notes, let me do my best digital “Hip hip hooray!” (I’ll refrain from a gender neutral or gender inclusive version of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”). :)

  5. I love the slow-living philosophy and your slow living message. When I first stumbled across this life-style, my first interest was tiny houses, which progressed to minimalism, and annual decluttering challenge and project 333. As time as gone on, I realise it isn’t minimalism that I am trying to achieve but can be similar from time to time. Slow living is for me…and thanks for everything that you are doing.

  6. Congratulations Ben and Brooke and best wishes for all your future endeavors. There is so much goodness and kindness in you, that you can’t but succeed. Great going.

  7. Congratulations Ben and Brooke and best wishes for all your future endeavors. There is so much goodness and kindness in you, that you can’t help but succeed. Great going.

  8. Your podcast is the first podcast that I ever listened to, and I have been listening to it since the beginning. You had me at “Hello”!:) From your podcast and blog I have learned about so many wonderful like minded folks and feel like my life has been all the better for it. I just want to thank you and Ben for the hours of great conversations that you have shared with us. I can always count on a good laugh and at least one “knowledge nugget” from each episode. It is a wonderful act of kindness that you are sharing with us all! Keep up the great work guys!

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