It’s the Journey, Not the Destination with Carolyn Tate

It's the Journey, Not the Destination - with Carolyn Tate One of the most common questions I’m asked when people first hear about slowing down and living a simpler life is, “Where do I start?” And while I think people usually expect me to offer a really practical, hands-on tip like declutter or turn off your notifications, I always suggest something different to begin with: uncover your Why. Today I chat with Carolyn Tate, co-founder of The Slow School of Business and Conscious Capitalism Australia. She’s an ex-marketing executive who ‘flicked on her slow switch’ in 2010, after a massive realisation about the life she’d been living. We talk a lot about her personal journey, what changes she’s made over the past 6 years, what she’s still working on and how her life is different now. Carolyn is also a massive advocate for living a purpose-driven life, and she and I talk a lot about this idea of finding our Why and using it to inform the choices we make and the life we create. We also talk about one of the problems with work/life balance (and it’s not the one I normally talk about!) as one of the core reasons for Carolyn to start The Slow School of Business. It was really important to both Carolyn and I that this didn’t turn in to another “let’s all be entrepreneurs” conversation, and she has some golden tips on how to start affecting change from within an organisation, and how to turn the focus on ourselves and our own motivations before looking to others for guidance. There is so much to learn from Carolyn’s personal story, including what happens when we have the courage to listen to that little voice in our heads that’s telling us something isn’t right, and I couldn’t actually fit it all in to one conversation. So stay tuned next week for part two of our chat! But in the meantime, enjoy!


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