Conscious Capitalism with Carolyn Tate

Conscious Capitalism with Carolyn Tate

Last week you heard the first part of my chat with the lovely Carolyn Tate – founder of The Slow School of Business and founding member of Conscious Capitalism Australia – and today she returns for Part 2!

In this episode we go deep into the issue of hyper-consumerism and whether Carolyn feels a sense of ownership of it – considering her background as a marketer. This leads us into a really interesting conversation on conscious consumption, what it looks like and how to know if a brand we’re supporting really is ethical, as well as the important accompaniment to conscious consumption, which is conscious capitalism.

To be honest, capitalism is something I have an uneasy relationship with so it was interesting to get Carolyn’s thoughts on the old model of capitalism and the shift she’s seeing towards a purpose-centred economy. We also look at the sharing economy and what it will take for it to become a true sharing economy.

We also share a whole heap of resources (links to which you’ll find below) and I’d love for you to check out Carolyn’s books and her upcoming Purpose workshop in Melbourne too. This is a woman passionate about purpose, with so much to offer.

I loved the opportunity to have a really deep discussion on some of the issues I struggle with the most, and I hope you enjoy it just as much!


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  1. What a wonderful podcast! This couldn’t come at a more appropriate time for me. I started my online business and have been considering adding in aspects that makes a difference to the world. While seaglass jewelry is beautiful we can all pitch in time to clean up the plastic surrounding the jewels. Thank you so much I loved both of these interviews with Carolyn!

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