Decluttering #1

Decluttering #1 - The Slow Home Experiment

It’s the beginning of a new month, which means the start of a new Slow Home Experiment!

In today’s episode Ben and I talk about our new decluttering experiment, why we wanted to go back to our simple living roots, and the rules of the #MinsGame we’re following this month.

Essentially though, the #MinsGame is super simple:

    • Day 1 of the month, let go of one thing. Day 2, two things. Day 3, three things, and so on, all the way to the end of the month.
    • Ben and I are choosing to do this individually, which means double the stuff leaving our home.
    • We’re going to try to keep it to our personal things and shared household items (ie not any of the kids stuff) simply to see how challenging it will be.
    • You can choose what your parameters are though – there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Just try and make it a consistent action every day and see how you feel in a month’s time.
  • We’re collecting our items for donation to the local op shop and have a bag in the linen cupboard for that purpose. When it’s full we’ll drop the bag off and start another. There’s no need to make a daily trip, just make sure you have a place to put your decluttering items and remember to drop them off when the bag or box is full.

In today’s poggie, both of us talk through our first three days worth of clutter, the strange emotional attachment we form with things – particularly when tied to important moments in life – and the freedom and lightness that comes with letting go.

Here are both mine and Ben’s items from the first three days:

Decluttering #1 - The Slow Home Experiment

Decluttering #1 - The Slow Home Experiment

I also spend some time talking about the importance of simplifying and the impact decluttering the family home had on my recovery from post-natal depression, as well as the massive ongoing benefits that letting go of the excess has provided over the past few years.

This month is going to be a really fun experiment that anyone can join in on, so please feel free to play along, and tag your social media posts with both #minsgame and #slowhomeexperiment.

In the meantime, have a wonderful week!


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8 Responses to Decluttering #1

  1. I am SO excited by this month’s experiment! It’s really going to give me the push I need to just get on with it and start my decluttering and sorting. ;-)

    I have a knitting podcast on youtube and I’ve told my viewers about it, so we might get some additional participants along the way. :-)

    (PS) Brooke – can’t wait to see/hear/meet you in Perth in a few weeks at the event with Kelly and Alexx!

  2. Really excited about this!
    We recently moved out of a 2-bedroom apartment and into a 3 bedroom house, and while there were certainly some essentials that we needed, I can already feel this place filling up and I’m ready to clear some things out again!

    Your blog/podcast are such an encouragement, without making me feel bad about having stuff. Thanks for being committed to a slow and healthy life. We need it.

  3. Husband and I are both participating this month (individually as well) and will be posting over on Instagram at the end of every week as a collage, vice daily.

    We have been practicing minimalism for 7 years now so I am very curious to see how far we can make it!

  4. Hey this is awesome! I own a cleaning business and a lot of my house cleaning clients continue to have things, or rooms for that matter that they want to declutter, but it is tough for me to do so, because I am not sure if I should be throwing things out or not. I think I am going to apply this experiment for some of them so we can get it done slowly. Thank you for writing this! I am going to ask my clients to lay things out for me so that I will know what is what. This is so great!