Decluttering #2

Decluttering #2 - The Slow Home Experiment

You might remember I was quite optimistic at the beginning of this month’s decluttering experiment,  fairly certain I was going to find 500 items to let go of between the beginning and end of October… Well, turns out I might have been a tad over-confident.

Ben and I talk through the past week and our efforts in continuing the Slow Home Experiment, and while so far so good, I’m not going to lie – I’m concerned at what the latter part of the month will look like.

I think it’s proving more difficult than expected for two reasons:

    1. We don’t have as much stuff to let go of as we used to so I need to be very intentional and clinical as I move through the house looking for excess stuff (and honestly, I’m out of practice).
  1. The stop-start nature of the experiment is taking some getting used to. Needing to shift in to a daily practice of letting go rather than my preferred method of ‘get annoyed at the clutter and let go of 300 things in one day’ is proving a challenge, but definitely one that will help me to dig in to that last layer of sticky clutter and let go.

What I do know is that the feeling of lightness I get when letting go is enough to keep me motivated, and it’s really interesting to go back to that questioning phase. Plus, it’s causing me to look a lot more closely at the clutter we’ve become blind to over the past 12 months.

Here are pictures of (most of) our items over the past week (49 each):

Decluttering Slow Home Experiment - Week 2

Decluttering Slow Home Experiment - Week 2

This month is already proving to be a really fun experiment that lots of you are joining in on, so please feel free to play along (it’s never too late to start!) and tag your social media posts with both #minsgame and #slowhomeexperiment.

In the meantime, have a wonderful week!


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