Decluttering #3

Decluttering #3 - The Slow Home Experiment

In last week’s episode Ben and I spoke about how tough we were finding this month’s decluttering experiment, and how I’d gone from confident to concerned in the space of a few days. I’m happy to say that I’m back to feeling confident about our ability to each declutter 500 things by the end of the month… Maybe even over-confident.

In today’s pogpast we talk about the reasons this week has felt easier – having to move the contents of a few rooms in order to have them painted certainly helped – but I also think we’ve made a significant shift in our attitude towards our stuff.

I’d been making a lot of assumptions about the things we’d held on to over the years – that simply because we have them, they must be important/useful/meaningful – and this week, as I started viewing our stuff with a more dispassionate eye, it became clear to me that they were simply assumptions.

It’s been amazing to see how things that were ‘must keep’ only months ago have now transitioned into being just stuff, and how the idea of letting go has gone from emotionally taxing to a complete relief. What a ride this month is proving to be!

We also talk about the area of our home we decluttered this week – including my realisation that the jewellery I’d held on to for years now holds no special value at all, and my fear of letting it go had completely disappeared. Ben talks about his trump card for the last few days, and the absolute glut of clutter we uncovered in the office.

Here’s a snapshot of the stuff we let go of this week:

Decluttering #3 - The Slow Home Experiment

Decluttering #3 - The Slow Home Experiment

I’m really excited to see all the #slowhomeexperiment posts popping up on Instagram every day! If you haven’t joined in yet but are keen, you can jump in any time. Tag your social media posts with both #minsgame and #slowhomeexperiment and get decluttering!

In the meantime, have a beautiful week.


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3 Responses to Decluttering #3

  1. Wow….you are doing an amazing job of rehoming stuff, I can’t believe how easy it gets once you learn to let go.
    I would keep the Savlon cream unless it is out of date, a doctor once told me it was as good as anything he could prescribe.
    The boxes of Lux flakes can be quickly and easily made into laundry liquid, I have been using it for the past 3 years, you can halve the bulk water and use it like a concentrate , I find the laundry powder quicker and easier now…. the recipes are on a blog “Down to Earth”

  2. B & B you are absolute legends! Here I read and catch up on everything and feel very inspired and guilty of my bedroom clutter…a disgrace! (years of clutter you know all about it)
    I feel stressed about it, but I never find the time to do it and don’t make it a priority. However, life would be even more sweeter if I did (I know!) It’s either the usual weekly grind of work, yoga, gym sessions and uni deadlines I fill up my time with. Then of course, social happenings, relaxing on the weekends or going on adventures. I’m not even a parent or anything yet, there shouldn’t be a excuse! The other day, I actually walked into my wardrobe and made a ‘vinnies bag’ filled it with a whole heap of clothes I don’t wear anymore. (Yay!) That felt good! I then walked out of my bedroom, and closed the door shut! As per usual…completely overwhelmed! It was a start, I just never know what to do next. I know how much better I would feel if I just slowly got rid of things. I honestly do! So thank you for another inspirational post. Back to uni work I go, and then to get my ass in action and work out a plan of attack!!! Cheers guys. Love your work!

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