Decluttering #4

Decluttering # 4 - The Slow Home Experiment

This month’s Slow Home Experiment is proving to be quite the emotional roller coaster.

Let’s recap so far, in gif form:

Week 1: We’ve GOT this. (In fact, let’s not even count the kids’ stuff – that’s how confident we are.)

via GIPHY Week 2: Slightly more difficult. via GIPHY Week 3: No, no. We’ve SO got this. via GIPHY Week 4: This is actually impossible. via GIPHY

In today’s episode I try to talk Ben down from his decluttering-related tantrum while remaining stoically upbeat, but I’m not going to lie – this week has been tough. I’m not giving up yet, but there’s definitely been a shift over the past few days as the clutter that remains proves to be tougher than anything we’ve had to deal with before – mostly because in order to let it go, we first need to process it in some way.

It’s also important to me that this doesn’t become a different kind of obsession with stuff (the letting go as opposed to the holding on) and Ben tells me that he’s actually feeling unpleasantly obsessed with the idea at the moment.

We do have some bigger areas to tackle over the coming week (and Ben has some “Trump decluttering” to do) which might offer up clutter we haven’t considered yet, but it’s going to be an interesting time as we try to make the total of 500 items by October 31.

How are you finding the experiment? Have you been following along? Feel free to play along (it’s never too late to start!) and tag your social media posts with both #minsgame and #slowhomeexperiment.


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  1. Your challenge has been inspirational! I’m following along, but don’t know if I can keep up the momentum this week! I’ll be counting out plastic bags and coat hangers to meet my quota!

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