"Oh there you are, Peter." This scene kills me every. single. time.
“Oh, there you are, Peter.”
On Friday night we watched Hook with the kids (my favourite childhood movie, alongside Aladdin and The Labyrinth). And while I was beyond delighted that they loved it as much as we did, I actually spent most of the film wiping copious amounts of tears off my cheeks. Turns out Robin Williams and Steven Spielberg (and, of course, J.M Barrie) had a lot to say about play, and what happens to us as adults when we simply forget what it means to view the world through a child’s eyes. In the interests of transparency, this week has been a tough one. I’ve been sick and not a little bit tired and emotional, and truth be told I’m still not feeling very well. As a result, I find myself getting a little teary again this week. This month’s experiment has taught me a great deal. About what’s important, what that looks like in everyday life, and why we need to pay attention to the silliness, the playfulness, the childlike wonder that we tend to lose as we grow up. Ironically, it’s also turned out to be one of the most challenging experiments we’ve ever done, when it was initially chosen as a light and easy reprieve after last month’s decluttering experiment.

In today’s pogpast we talk through some of this week’s realisations and lightbulb moments (and tearful moments too!) 

Biggest takeaway of the week though: Dance like Thud Butt.



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One Response to Play #3 (AKA BANGARANG!)

  1. Brooke,
    First and foremost I hope you feel better soon.
    Second thank you for being so open and showing how you yourself are in a busy season. It helps me a lot bc things are hectic now in my life yet I wholeheartedly want the slow living to be a forefront for me. It was a helpful reminder that life isn’t going to be ‘slow’ always.
    Thirdly I am like you in that I feel like I don’t play enough especially as my kids have gotten older and don’t demand it as much. But give yourself credit. Something I always notice about your podcast is that you laugh a lot.
    Be well!