Rituals: Brain Dump

Rituals: Brain Dump - Episode 136 of The Slow Home Podcast

You know those days where there are too many thoughts, too many ideas and too many tasks zooming around the confines of your brain, all wanting your attention but never sticking around for long enough to be acted upon? Those days where the competing thoughts, ideas, projects, problems, grocery items, packing lists never stop rolling around your head, leaving you tired and prone to procrastination?

I’m no stranger to days like that, and what I’ve discovered is that the low-level anxiousness that accompanies this overwhelmingly active brain is one of the biggest obstacles to slow. When we can’t stop, we can’t think, we can’t act – we can’t slow down.

This is where the poetically named Brain Dump comes in. This week, as we continue to look at some of the everyday rituals we can use to create a little slow in our days, it’s all about getting it out on paper.

The Brain Dump is a ritual I use to great effect whenever I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, and in today’s episode I talk through exactly how I use it (not daily, but whenever I feel that familiar quickening of my thoughts) and how it helps me to calm down, find clarity, get mindful and start getting things done.

Essentially, it’s about getting everything out of your brain and on to paper, so you can restore some clarity and simultaneously free up a whole lot of mental energy, creating space where there was none previously. And it’s in this freeing of space that the Brain Dump helps us to find little pockets of slow in our days.

As always, we end the episode with an action we’d love you to try and this week it’s very simple: try the Brain Dump ritual once and see if it impacts your ability to slow down, get mindful and start moving forward again.


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10 Responses to Rituals: Brain Dump

  1. What a great start to my week, I used to do this (almost subconsciously) sitting at my desk scribbling out the things going around my mind. You have reminded me to start again. Also useful when someone was grinding my gears. If I managed to write out what had upset me, I could diffuse it somewhat without bothering another person with a vent session!

  2. Great post. An additional strategy that I have found helpful is after the dump I add some of the notes to a Someday/maybe list. Then it is free from my mind with no obligation. I use this for books I might want to read, house projects. Etc. when I have extra time once a month or so I will revisit it. But since I have labeled it someday/maybe. I can just cross it off, change my mind or add it to a to do list. Somehow I feel safer knowing it is captured but not an obligation. I just discovered your podcast. Keep up the good work!

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