Finances, shopping and rediscovering your Why

Finances, shopping and rediscovering your Why - Episode 139 of The Slow Home Podcast

It’s Hostful time! And, like every single month, in today’s episode we do our best to answer some incredible listener questions. But before I get in to it, I just want to let you know how much we enjoy these episodes. Not only do Ben and I get to have conversations about really interesting and important ideas (with quite a few stupid jokes thrown in for good measure) but we also discover things about slow living along the way.

So while I know people ask us questions because they think we may have something helpful to offer, we learn just as much from your questions as you do from our answers. And for that, I am so, so grateful.

If you’ve got your own burning questions or even a mild curiosity about an element of slow living, please feel free to leave a comment on today’s post and we’ll add it to the list of cracking questions we’ve got lined up for the next couple of months.

In the meantime though, today’s episode takes us through five varied topics, as we answer the following questions:

    • What impact did slow living have on your finances?
    • How do you judge if something is necessary and “valuable” enough to warrant purchase?
    • As your items start to get a bit tatty, when do you replace them? Or do you keep repairing or mending instead?
    • How does one re-learn oneself?
  • Other than decluttering, what aspect of slow living do you feel has made the most difference in your family’s life?

Some of these topics I feel relatively confident tackling, while there are others that I feel very much like a novice myself, so while we talk through our own experiences, I’ve also included links below that will point you in the direction of people who are much more knowledgeable than us.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a question for today’s poggie, and for anyone whose question we haven’t yet answered, please know we’re trying our best to get through them all.

Enjoy the poggie!


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5 Responses to Finances, shopping and rediscovering your Why

  1. I have a question and if you have already answered it, I apologise. I have been wondering if you have ever thought about moving to a new ‘home base’? Factoring out family and friends (and having chickens) as those are the usual answers I have found people give to not really answer the question. :) Is there a place you have thought about moving too permanently?

    • Hi Katherine! SUCH a good (and timely!) question that we haven’t really answered anywhere else I don’t think but will be soon. Short answer though is that we absolutely have considered it and the past couple of years worth of change has been setting us up for that kind of move. We like where we live but are also itching to make a big move and see what freedoms lie on the other side too. :)

  2. Hi Brooke, my husband and I are currently renovating our home (and it’s an old one from 1923!). Any recommendations on keeping things slow and simple while there is so much upheaval for the family? We have an 8 year old and a 4 year old, and have had to be a. it gypsy-ish, moving between different temporary homes, and this will most likely be the case for the bnrxt. ouple months. I feel like my patience and our family rhythms are so off, and we are having trouble recalibrating ourselves and the kids. I know that this will all pass, and we are grateful that we are able to fix our place up, but it has been more than challenging. Any recommendations on how to keep it easy, at least in the head?

  3. Great podcast, thanks. I too have been thinking a lot about the prospect of living with no debt and like yourselves, my family only has a mortgage to pay off. I could honestly chat about this for hours, but I’m refraining. I’ve been back and forth but I think I am comfortable with the idea of regular overpaying, lump sum any extra cash but most importantly, try not to worry too much about it. Other minimalist bloggers talk about debt being really bad and yes it is. But this isn’t an impulse purchase. This is our family home and it’s not extravagant (about 900 sq ft for a family of four) . This theoretically means we should be able to enjoy other things as well with our money and sometimes I struggle with the concept of having debt.