Dr Sarah McKay on Neuroscience and Napping – SHP014

The Slow Home Podcast: The Neuroscience of Napping, with Dr Sarah McKay - SHP014

I enjoy a good nap. Nothing speaks to slowing down quite so well as taking time to rest when we need to.

In fact, most weekend afternoons I’ll indulge in a half-hour snooze on the lounge, or bed, or hammock, or grass…

Occasionally I feel a pang of guilt about these siestas, but today’s guest is on a mission to bring back the nap – no guilt allowed.

Dr. Sarah McKay is a neuroscientist, health writer, TedX speaker, surfer, Kiwi and mum, and is here to tell us why napping is good for our brains.

In today’s episode of the podcast, Sarah and I talk about the science of mindfulness and napping (yes! there is now a scientific reason for you to indulge in an afternoon siesta!) and its impact on our brain health.

We also talk about her personal story of stress and overwhelm as a mum trying to Do It All, and what it took for her to realise that life lived at double speed was robbing her of happiness and health.

While I’m obviously no neuroscientist, we did discover a whole lot of similarities in our personal stories which made me feel more intelligent, simply by loose association.

Honestly, I’ll take the extra IQ points where I can, and I hope you enjoy the show!

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7 Responses to Dr Sarah McKay on Neuroscience and Napping – SHP014

  1. Hi Brooke, I LOVED this podcast, I think I could have listened to Sarah talk all day. I agree and have experience with so much of it, especially doubting/delaying seeking help for anxiety and depression. I’m so grateful for all the blessings I have in my life, but finally realised you can’t actually fix yourself (and that’s okay). Thank you for ‘introducing’ me to Sarah… off to peruse her website now xo

  2. This is the best news ever. I loved Buddhism for Mothers too. There is an piece of writing in the back by a buddhist ex-nun talking about dealing with a newborn that has held me through motherhood. Thank you for another cracker x

  3. Brilliant! Ditto Sarah Naphtali’s ‘Buddhism for Mothers’ books – genius! (There are three in the series including ‘small children’ and ‘school aged children’ and they have been a constant leveller for me over the last six years – worth checking out.) The heart-felt honesty and courage you both shared in this conversation was extraordinary – thank you!!!

  4. Nancy Hello, Ryan. Thanks for sending the links to the NBC Charlotte pemonrrafces. I enjoyed watching them, and it’s much appreciated. As always, you guys look and sound great. I wonder what time you had to get up in the morning to do that show?? Makes me even more excited about seeing CT in Philly. Colm makes a great addition to the group. Thanks again. Have a blessed day and safe travels. Sincerely, Nancy.