Your Why: Legacy

Your Why: Legacy

Last Monday we spoke about the idea of developing your Why – specifically, what it is and why it’s important. Today we’re continuing that same conversation, focusing on how we can uncover our Why.

I’ve spoken about this on the podcast before, but it was actually a eulogy writing exercise that helped me uncover my personal Why. So in this episode I read that eulogy out, cry a little, and talk about the impact it’s had on the years since. Not only has it helped me paint a picture of what a life well-lived looked like (to me) but it’s also helped:

    • deliver perspective
    • make clear the things worth worrying about (and the things that aren’t)
    • simplify decision-making
  • keep focus on my choices and the life I’m heading towards by making them

In a nutshell, my eulogy is about what I want to see at the end of my life. The things people remember about me, the work I’ve done, the way I’ve loved, the way I’ve lived… And when I first wrote it I realised that if I kept living my life like I was, my eulogy would sound a lot different, and not in a good way.

Ben talks about his Why in terms of the idea of legacy rather than eulogy, and I think it’s really helpful to see that it doesn’t need to be a big heavy exercise, but rather one of intention and mindfulness.

We both share the big picture things that drive us, and the realisation that these are going to change over the years, as well as some questions for you to ask of yourself as you work through the process of uncovering your personal Why.

    • What do I want to leave behind?
    • What don’t I want to leave behind?
  • What would my day to day life look like it I worked towards that?

And I’d encourage you to think on these questions over the next few days, jotting down some of the answers or revisiting the mind map from last week, and start creating a picture of this Why – whether you decide to write a eulogy or a legacy, or something else that works for you.

In the meantime, have a wonderful week!


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