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The Slow WIP - Episode 153 of The Slow Home Podcast

When is a hostful not actually a hostful? When it’s a WIP! (Otherwise known as a Work In Progress). 

A few weeks ago I wrote a post over on The Art of Simple, outlining mine and Ben’s weekly WIP. I was a little worried that it would be boring, but it turns out this is an idea that resonated with lots of readers so I thought it would be a good opportunity for Ben and I to look at another really practical thing we’ve implemented over the past year and a half of self-employment. Essentially it allows us to work together, be productive and actually like each other at the end of (almost) every day. 

We look at the structure of our WIP, why they work and how we use them to give shape and direction to the rest of our week, as well as how we each manage when unexpected things pop up.

Interestingly, this also leads us in to a wider conversation around the issue of living a less-than-slow life right now, and how we find balance between building a business and maintaining a certain level of slow-ness in our home home and family life. It’s not an easy one to strike and there are a few times in today’s poggie where I admit to the toll it takes when advocating for slow while not being able to live it. But on the flipside, I also talk about how I’ve turned that from a guilt-ridden experience to one of learning and gaining a deeper understanding of what the mindset of slow living looks like – even when it’s not slow-paced. 

Ben and I also talk about some of the changes we’re in the midst of making in our work and how we think it’s going to impact the podcast and the ways in which we can help you live a slower, simpler life yourself. 

There’s plenty of honesty in this poggie, that’s for sure! 


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9 Responses to The Slow WIP (aka a Work In Progress podcast)

  1. Hi guys – great poggie this morning. Good to hear about the layers underneath!!
    What do I need help with?? Well, life is so much slower (now Im older and getting tips from exceptional podcast – haha) but I am still wishing my days away, wanting to move back to my home state as I never feel settled here (in QLD).
    Do you have any tips for practicing gratitude for where you are in the world ‘right now’ and living in the moment rather than wanting to move on to the ‘next thing’ – which may not even be the ‘right thing’?

  2. Loved this mornings show! But dying to know what changes are happening… hopefully not less pogpasts?
    I would love more interviews with people who’ve slowed down. There’s nothing like learning from those who’ve gone before us.
    I think it would be great to revisit with some old guests… for example – Cait Flanders?
    Really keen on more about how to simplify life with ‘full on’ kids. (or maybe that’s just me wanting them to fit into my box?)

  3. Brooke & Ben, what a lush way to start my day, listening to you guys giggle & get excited about the next steps in your life was honestly delightful. The first thing that came to my mind when you asked what we need help with? Learning about slow management practices, more specifically; how do you guys manage a team, with these ideas in mind?

    I’d assume that having trustworthy staff who are self-motivated & have similar values would play a large part, but do you have any practical tips on how you can encourage your staff to live mindfully while still being productive. Things that come to mind: weekly one on ones, setting a standard of no e-mails after hours etc.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

  4. Thank you for a great podcast (as always!). What I want to learn more about is quite broad: basically how to find a balance between getting things moving on all the projects I want to do and still having down time and fun. Also how to be more intentional in a (romantic) relationship, especially when the other person isn’t completely on board with these kind of ideas yet. Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

  5. I really wanted to try pocketbooth. Seems like a wonderful way to keep on top of our family finances. But I am in the US. Any idea if there is something similar here? I can’t download from your link due to not being in Florida! Thanks!

  6. The biggest thing I’m realising I’m having trouble with is matching my slow living beliefs with my career. I am a hospital pharmacist and love my work but it is a profession that seems built on interruptions and saying yes to things and I am finding this more and more difficult as I want to focus on the ‘pharmacy’ part of my work without getting bogged down with all the other stuff. After taking part in Plastic Free July last year, the amount of plastic and waste that is part of a job in pharmacy is also difficult to deal with.

    I am trying to view this with a ‘taking on the system from the inside’ kind of approach (I have helped declutter the pharmacy a lot over the last 6 months) but it can be difficult at times.

  7. Gah, I love your podcast! Mine is an oldie but a goodie. We live in a small space and I’ve been practicing simple living almost the whole time I’ve been married to my husband (9 years) but he doesn’t seem to find the value in it. So, I work very hard to simplify the things I can and create breathing room for us … and he finds things to fill the space I make up with again! It’s so frustrating! Especially since he complains about us having too much stuff – I tell him that we CAN live well in our small space. That it doesn’t need to be remedied by moving into more square footage. But he just doesn’t get it. I really think he could thrive if he could get on board but he hasn’t. And I’m not sure he will. How do I deal?!

  8. Just enjoyed to this podcast! And since I missed the survey I’ll try here. I wonder how I could start decluttering. I recently moved in in my boyfriends house. It’s a small house so I did not bring much, just my essentials actualy. But still there is to much. We both want to declutter, but now it’s like my boyfriend is the only one that has to declutter and I have to wait and see. (I Can not and want not trow away any of huis stuff). It feels a bit unfair. What would You recommend us to do? Thanks!