Your Why: Putting it in to practice

Your Why: Putting it in to practice

Today marks the final episode of this series where we’ve focused on uncovering and harnessing your Why. It’s actually been incredibly helpful to me personally to re-visit this process and really dig deep in to what it means to live my Why, what that looks like, and importantly, how to translate that in to personal values which I can apply to every day life.

As I mentioned last week, I’ve sometimes struggled to take my personal Why and use it to help steer me in smaller, more everyday decisions and that’s why I’ve focused on distilling the big picture Why, my eulogy, in to a list of personal values. It’s these values that we talk about today, and after last week I know what my values are. Compassion. Adventure. Responsibility. Today we talk about how to apply them and the ways in which they impact our life.

I’ve spoken about this before, but having our values clearly designated also helps steer us when faced with a difficult decision. We can refer back to our decision or the options facing us and ask if they bring us closer to or further away from our values. Often, although not always, that’s enough motivation to make a decision that we can look back on and be glad of.

And finally, in a dorky kind of way, I also like to put some of my decisions on a values scale. I’ll ask myself, “On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being least compassionate and 10 being most, where does this choice lie?” The helpful thing with doing it this way is that we can see that not everything is going to be a 10. In fact, most things aren’t going to be a 10. But aiming for more compassion over less is a good place to work towards.

This approach means that I’m aware of compromise (I live with, work with and spend time with other people and compromise is always going to be part of that) and embrace the fact that sometimes I’ll fall short. That works for me and helps me to view things through a much longer-term lens, one that allows for tilting and the ups and downs of a life that is ever-shifting.

This week’s action is to nominate one change or decision you can make this week and to place it on your own dorky values scale. Is it more or less of your value? Closer or further away?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of poggies on finding your Why. Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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11 Responses to Your Why: Putting it in to practice

  1. Hey Brooke and Ben,
    I have been loving this series and the ‘getting deep’ is the best bit! This month’s episodes are preferable to the cleaning series – but I think that’s because I’m not really into cleaning. I have, however, stocked up on vinegar.

    This month I have been completing the ‘homework’ and while I’m not sure if my values are ‘spot on’ for me, they are definitely in the back of my mind as I go through my days.

    When I have a job to do, or a commitment, I check in to see if it’s in keeping with my values. And that’s when the power of saying “no” comes into play! I have an ABBA Festival outfit to put together and rather than putting it at the top of my list, I will see how it pans out (it doesn’t seem to align with any of my current values – however ‘Fun’ might have to be added to the list this week!)

    So thankyou both for giving so much of yourselves and inspiring me to get to know myself a bit better. It’s been fun and very insightful. More please!


  2. Hi Brooke and Ben,
    I am really enjoying this format.
    Today I had a choice to male in regards to printintroversion. Do I buy a new printer or do I explore what is available at the local library. As sustainable a value over convenience I have decided to use the library printing facility. One of many small chances thanks to have the issues presented for re-examination.Thanks forall your time and effort.,

  3. Hello!

    I just finished listening to this episode, and I have to say, I really do enjoy this content, I even made my husband listen to the last 2 episodes after I did. I also really enjoy the other content you guys put out.

    I found the idea of putting your Why/personal mission statement/purpose down as a eulogy to be an interesting twist that made the whole process click better for me. I’ve been working to write down a personal mission statement for a few months not and nothing has really felt right. This mini series has really helped me to make big leaps and changes to what I already had. It’s not done, but it is getting close.

    For people who were asking about how to keep this in mind, one way of having it in your life to look at and remind you all the time. I have my mission/eulogy written down on the first page of my bullet journal, which is also my dairy of sorts. So it’s a book that I look at every day. I leave one of the page markers on the page with my mission, and make sure to flip to it often. I also reassess it often, because life changes.

    Anyways, thank you for putting out great content. I really look forward to new episodes. I enjoy getting 2 episodes a week with one being much shorter and bite sized every week.

    Be well!

  4. Your whys and the idea of value based living is inline with a form of therapy called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I strongly recommend reading (if you haven’t already) the book the happiness trap. It lays out the foundation of ACT and living a values based life. One tip from the book is that you deferentiate goals from values in that values cannot be crossed off your list. You are always working on them.

  5. Hi Brooke and Ben,
    I’ve enjoyed your series on finding your why and now have my 3 values, alas couldn’t managed the alliteration ;). I thought you might enjoy this podcast as a next step in practicality and an extrapolation on your idea of experimenting. (no affiliation – I got onto it from Nicole at Planning with kids)

  6. Dear Brooke and Ben,

    Over the last two or three days, I have been listening to so many of your episodes as I have only just discovered your inspiring podcast. I just have finished the WHY series and have found it really relevant. As I work with a career coach at the moment, I have been working on finding out my values (four and no alliteration though). It had a huge impact on how I approach life and how I want to live it. Those values became even more powerful once I linked them to the idea of my legacy as well as how to use them in everyday life. So thank you for that.
    Also, I really like how you approach this simple life in a non materialistic way. I feel that simple living, minimalism, mindfulness, healthy eating, … is becoming a trend and people try to buy into it rather than figuring out what it really means and involves. So thank you for putting the focus on how to approach this way of living mentally, emotionnaly rather that materialisticly (although cleaning tips are cool as well).
    Thank you also, for remembering us that we are human and can fail and for sharing honestly and in a way that is not patronizing.
    Also, being French and living in the UK, I love your accents.
    Ok, I have to go back to work now. A not so fun task is waiting for me but it is one that will help me get closer to my values, so …

    Warm wishes


    PS : Maybe you could do something about how to take action. We all dream about a lot of things but struggles to put them into action. With my coach I am learning to become a more action oriented person and to get closer to my dream job.

  7. Hey Guys,
    Yes please, more episodes like this! I’m really liking the writing things down and taking actions ideas. I also love hearing your own experiences and values.
    Thanks, Becs from New Zealand.

  8. I had an epiphany while listening to this pogpast that Helping is one of my values which has guided a large part of my life. I decided I wanted a career helping people, which is why I chose pharmacy. Some of my most fulfilling times at uni were when I volunteered at a hospital, running errands and talking to patients. I ennjoy the part of my work where I get to talk one-on-one with patients, or provide education to staff as it feels like I am helping to make a difference. And I am always willing to lend a helping hand when needed.

    Adventure is also another one of my values. And it doesn’t need to be big to be an adventure. Even a day roadtrip can turn into an adventure! I love the freeing feeling of being in the moment, or doing something I’ve never done before, and enjoying the company of whoever I am with.

    Thanks for a great episode!