Eric Zimmer on choosing which wolf to feed – SHP016

Which wolf will you feed? with Eric Zimmer - Slow Home Podcast Episode 16

In today’s episode I sat down to talk with Eric Zimmer, the creator of The One You Feed – one of my favourite podcasts.

Eric was such a delightful and insightful person to talk to, and while Ben gives me grief for saying this too often, I genuinely could have sat and chatted with him for hours.

We talk about his podcast and the stunning parable that gives the show its name, his unexpected thoughts on social media and its role in our dissatisfaction, comparison and perfectionism, as well as how to create and maintain habits in the best and easiest possible way.

Once you’ve listened to our conversation, I’d urge you to go check out The One You Feed in iTunes – you won’t regret it!

In the meantime though, enjoy the show.


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6 Responses to Eric Zimmer on choosing which wolf to feed – SHP016

  1. Thank you! This talk touched on some really interesting and powerful ideas and offered some really powerful and simple solutions!

  2. Hi Brooke (and Ben!),
    I’m really enjoying the podcasts since they started. Thanks for bringing along such interesting guests to our attention. Very inspired by what you are doing on SlowYourHome – keep up the good work.

  3. WOW…..I feel like I’ve just been to an amazing magic show and leaving just stunned…..So many things in this conversation struck me….Thank you so much Brooke. I’ve booked my ticket for your Canberra workshop and we’ll be driving up to Canberra from Sydney for that weekend. I haven’t had something to look forward to in a loooong time and really can’t wait. I guess the thing I would ultimately like to “achieve” is to set myself up for success (rather than failure) to consciously create the life I want….this year has really been the start of a journey (totally by accident) to find out who I am and what I want in life…a sort of “re-birth” (a it dorky but I can’t think of another word!) and your podcasts have REALLY helped in getting my train of thought going….