BIG changes and hitting reset

BIG changes and hitting reset - Episode 177 of The Slow Home Podcast

Earlier this week, over on Instagram, I did one of those annoying vague posts about big changes on the horizon and how I couldn’t wait to share them with you (sorry!) BUT the good news is, we dish all in today’s hostful.

To put it plainly, Ben and I have both been struggling over the past couple of months. We’ve been overwhelmed and lost as we felt that undeniable tug in the belly, the one that was saying we really needed to revisit our Why. When we went camping a couple of weeks ago we had the time and opportunity to think deeply on things and to really consider the way we’ve been living this year and the way we want to be living.

Combine this unease with some massive shifts in my work and the opportunities we’ll have over the next 12 months, and we knew things had to change. In today’s poggie we talk through each of those changes, what lead to them and what we have planned over the next few months.

To get all the juicy details you’ll need to listen to the show, but essentially Ben and I are going through another radical simplification.

As part of that we’ve decided to dissolve our podcast network, Jackrabbit.FM, and help each of the shows on the network to exist independently instead. I’m going to focus more on my writing (lots of news on that front in today’s show too) and, very excitingly, we’re heading off on a big adventure next year!

We also talk about all the different release dates for my new book and where to pre-order your copy. There’s a lot to cover, and we were both quite nervous to share everything in this show, but I hope you enjoy it.

Let us know your thoughts or suggestions for our trip next year in the comments, and be sure to check out the links below for info on the books and the live video call later in the month.


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18 Responses to BIG changes and hitting reset

  1. What about meeting up with Amette Aamodt. Just heard her interviewed on the Business of Architecture podcast speaking about the Slow Space Movement.

  2. Great ep, thank you. Very brave also – I am always grateful for your honesty and not shying away from telling the truth about how life is messy and that this is a journey. Very inspiring!

    Congrats on your book too, and your upcoming adventure! Sounds wonderful :-)

  3. Hi Brooke and Ben,

    I’m a big fan and have been listening for a while. I’m so happy for you in your breakthrough about next steps in your life journey. Our family just spent some time in Yellowstone and were without wifi as well and it felt oh so good! I gave up Facebook after that and it feels so nice to have more space and less pressure and social expectations.

    We live in Madison, Wisconsin and would love it if you considered stopping here on your North American book tour. Our city is a liberal/progressive enclave in Wisconsin, surrounded by lakes and I think you would find a nice group of fellow simple living types. Best time to come is June-October as winters are pretty cold. Also, we are home to the state’s public radio station and a nice interview would really be a lovely promotion for your book tour. Let me know and I can suggest you to a number of people I know at the station including this show, Central Time ( One show is a national show ( and it might be cool to get you on if they are interested.

    As far as homeschooling, you should totally do it. I would recommend this blog as a great resource to learn about a great option:

    It’s called Project Based Homeschooling and it very much is a slow living form of learning. In fact, I wonder if the author wouldn’t be a great interview as you go down this path. I bought her book and it’s taught me so much about how we learn and it’s the same for kids. We don’t homeschool, but send our child to a Progressive Education school in Madison ( which embraces many of ways of PBH, which is hands-on, child-centered, inquiry-based. I think you guys would love it!!!

    One last thought, you know The Minimalists just did a US tour for the second time. You might check with them for cities and bookstores that might be a great fit for your book tour.

    Thanks for all you do and look forward to reading your books!

    Podcast Recommendation:
    Family Adventure Podcast with Erik Hemingway

  4. What a fantastic episode and I’m absolutely thrilled for you guys. I’m also so excited to hear you’ll be coming back to Canada (and hopefully Alberta?). I would love it if you could organize a live hostful or even a meetup in Calgary or somewhere nearby in the Rockies! I’d be happy to provide recommendations of places to visit across the country as I’ve lived in and/or visited most of our provinces and territories. :) Best of luck to you!

  5. SO excited for your new journey! Not sure how many listeners you have in the midwest of the US (Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Missouri) …. but I would LOVE to see you in Kansas City, Missouri. Rainy Day Books hosts wonderful book events.

    PS. you have changed my life. THANK YOU!!!!!! (found you thru One Part Podcast, Jessica Murnane)

  6. Hi there, just a little bit of a technical question. I used to enjoy listening to the podcast on Stitcher, but it hasn’t been working there for quite some time. Any plans to support Stitcher again? I’d be happy to help if I can. (Haven’t heard the episode yet, but sounds super exciting :) )

  7. Exciting news!

    I hope you’ll stop in Phoenix. We have a great independent bookstore called Changing Hands where I first saw and was introduced to the fabulous Joshua Becker. He’s a local and a conversation with him and you guys both would be so fun. Phoenix is a fun area for the family. Lots of beautiful hiking (bush walking?!), water parks, sports games, places to eat, and of course the Grand Canyon close by. Tucson to the south also has a really cool zoo and children’s museum.

    Just preordered your book. It should be coming on my birthday. Can’t wait!

  8. First of all, let me say how inspiring you two are! While most of us won’t travel the world for a year, you inspire us to take an extra hike (as we call them in the US!) or feel the sunshine on a daily basis!

    I know of someone who might be good for you to talk to. Her name is Tania. Along with her husband, three daughters and dog, Tania left their home in the US and is currently on a year long trip around the world! You can read more about their journey here:

    Best of luck! Can’t wait to hear about your journey!

  9. Wow! I was so thrilled for you guys when I heard about your plans! Makes total sense and it’s just wonderful that you have been able to curate a life that makes room for that sort of move! I am a die-hard Canada fan as well, so you will literally be living out my dream while you’re over there! Thank you for sharing so honestly with us, I really hope the adventure all comes together nicely! Your podcast has been a lifeline for me, and empowered me to try lots of new ideas, thank you for all you do for the community!

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  11. If you guys come back to Canada, you might be interested in stopping in Kimberley, British columbia. We have an adorable little family friendly ski hill. It’s a sleepy little town which drives some visitors nuts, but you guys might enjoy it here since I doubt you’d be coming to shop. :)

  12. Thank you for reminding me that we really need to check in with our “why” every now and then to make sure we’re on track. I’ve been saying yes too much lately which inevitably leaves me feeling pressured and unhappy (the opposite of what I was trying to achieve) so I need to go back to my “why” and throw a few things off my list!

  13. Very brave!! I love listening to the podcast! I listen to you a lot in my car while driving between North Carolina (where I live) & Indiana (where I grew up & my parents still live). Yours & a few others you helped start out on podcasts are my constant companions while I’m on the road! We’d love to see you in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA if you can swing by . Maybe while on your book tour! Congratulations on your big changes & I wish you all the best! Hope to meet you some day soon!