Rhonda Hetzel on living a simple life – SHP019

Episode 19 with Rhonda Hetzel - The Slow Home Podcast I have been excitedly sitting on today’s episode for over a month now and am so stoked to finally share it with you! In this episode I chat with Rhonda Hetzel, the much-loved godmother of slow, simple living in both Australia and around the world. Rhonda is the author of two hugely popular books on creating a slower, simpler home and has an incredible amount of wisdom to share. We look at her personal journey and talk about those first years as she started to shift her family’s lifestyle away from excessive consumption, busy-ness and stress. We also dig into her advice for those of us just beginning the process. It was really fascinating to look back at Rhonda’s story, because when we see someone who is living their slow dream, it’s hard to imagine they ever lived in a different way. I loved how open Rhonda was to sharing her journey and personally learnt a lot about the power of simply being patient with the process. The truth is, we all need to start somewhere, and if you’re looking for some gentle encouragement on your own slow living journey, this the the perfect place to begin. Enjoy!


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17 Responses to Rhonda Hetzel on living a simple life – SHP019

  1. Hi Brooke
    My goodness was I excited to hear your interview with Rhonda. The Down to Earth blog and your blog have both had such a positive impact on my personal journey to simplify, so to hear you chatting together was lovely. I was even happy my train was late which gave me some extra time to listen :)
    I hope you keep up the podcasts … I really look forward to my Thursday morning commute when I get to sit back and listen to you and your awesome guests. It really puts me in a good place for the rest of my day.

    • That’s so wonderful to hear, Cathy! Rhonda is such a gem, and I loved chatting with her.

      It’s so awesome to hear you’re enjoying the podcast too. We have a lot of fun making them, so to hear that other people are digging them makes it even more fun!

  2. Hi Brooke

    I’d be more keen to support you directly by making a donation to you rather than audible or another sponsor.

    • Thanks Jen! It’s something I’ve thought about a lot and we’re definitely considering some kind of listener-supported system (like Patreon or similar) so it’s great to hear your perspective on it. Thanks for letting me know! :)

  3. Wow, I’ve listened to this episode twice today just to absorb the wise words.

    Listening to Rhonda is like listening to a mother telling me the things that she would wish that I knew about life and happiness. My own mother worked herself to an early death and was never happy because she was so tired, over-whelmed and stressed. I love to hear Rhonda say that she is at her happiest in life now that she is living this simple and connected life; this was very deep for me, that happiness is from the opposite of what my mother was striving for.

    I think that I need to listen to it a couple more times.

    • Yes! She is so full of wisdom isn’t she, Katherine? I could have chatted with Rhonda for hours as she has this all-encompassing peacefulness about her. So glad you enjoyed it and took such a deep lesson from our chat. x

  4. Hi Brooke,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast and will be listening to it again as Rhonda has so much to share! It is the first of your podcasts I have listened to but, I will be checking out the others now.

    I live in the UK and I have been following your website for many months, thank you for sharing all of your ideas with us. I am at the very beginning of living my life simply and have learned so much from you.

    • Hi Jacques,

      It’s so lovely to have you here! I’m thrilled you enjoyed today’s episode. Rhonda is such a lovely person and chatting with her has been a highlight for me.

      Good luck as you head down the path to a simpler, slower life. Some days it feels hard, but as Rhonda demonstrated, it’s absolutely worth it. xx

  5. Gutted I cant run this as the play button doesnt appear for me (and I cant get itunes or audible) :o(

    • Gah! So sorry Karen! I’ve fiddled with a few things behind the scenes and am hopeful that it now works. If you find that it doesn’t let me know and I’ll play around some more. Sorry again. x

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