Joel Zaslofsky and Experience Curating – SHP002

Slow Home Podcast Episode 2 - Joel Zaslofsky

Today I chat with Joel Zaslofsky, the founder of SimpleREV and one of the most interesting, organised humans I have ever met.

Joel is a spreadsheet aficionado who uses his data wrangling skills not to bore himself to sleep like I would (because spreadsheets and me are not friends) but instead to create a richer, more vibrant life. He is a huge advocate for the process known as ‘experience curating’ and we get into it in today’s show.

We also dig in to Joel’s journey from gaming addict to renaissance man, his struggles with learning to slow down and simplify (interestingly, dealing with clutter was not one of his obstacles) and his work to create a community of people who want to embrace a simpler, slower way of life.

This was such a great conversation and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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What You’ll Hear About  in Today’s Episode:

  • Minimalism as a trend vs minimalism as a lifestyle
  • The emergence of brands trying to repackage stuff in order to sell it to simplicity advocates
  • Joel’s system of experience curating and its impact on living a simpler, more mindful life
  • The SimpleREV event, held annually in Minneapolis in October

Things to Check Out After Today’s Episode:

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5 Responses to Joel Zaslofsky and Experience Curating – SHP002

  1. Loved this one too Brooke! I was so excited to see it on iTunes and I was off to the dreaded dentists for a filling (45 mins in the chair) so I asked him if I could wear headphones and listen to it. Made everything twenty tones more bearable, I have to say. Love the idea of taking note of what you really love doing, instead of doing the same thing over and over that you don’t love – seems so practical – not sure why I haven’t thought of it before…
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s podcast. Love the idea of a Canberra meet up too- happy to host …

    • Well, those are some kind words, Kirsti. I’ve never had anyone say that they listened to a podcast episode in the dentist’s chair, but I’m glad Brooke and I could brighten up your day in the right way.

      Actually, your comment and the nice insight about Experience Curating seem worthy of a shout out in an upcoming episode of Smart and Simple Matters. If you listen in, hopefully it will be somewhere other than a dentist’s chair. :)

  2. I’ll certainly subscribe for more author’s books. This one has just blown up my own mind!
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    you’ve made my day! Proceed in the exact same pace and style, thankyou.

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