Slow Living and Social Media: Instagram

This is the second episode in our social media series, and today we’re talking about Ben’s favourite social media platform – Instagram.

If you’ve listened to last Monday’s episode you know that we’re working through our three biggest social channels (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) and how we make them work for in both our business and our personal lives while still living a slower-paced life. Undoubtedly, the combination of running an online business that utilises social media while also advocating a slower pace of life can feel pretty incongruous, so we wanted to talk about how we manage (or ignore) social media.

First up we talk about the expectation that when you have a business online, you’re always accessible, and that being mindful of social media use and setting boundaries around the amount of time spent online can feel like the opposite of all the business advice you read and hear. We’ve come to realisation, over time, that it’s OK to not do things by the book, when the book itself is the problem.

We also discuss the evolving strategy we’re using for social media now that our team is growing, and why we’ve decided to create a dedicated Instagram account for the poggie too. I discuss some of the strategies I use to manage my Instagram (while still being present in everyday life) and go in to detail on the following tactics:

  • rarely post in real-time
  • rarely post every day (my life isn’t that interesting!)
  • pre-planning and scheduling can help with the more business-centric posts
  • as fun as it is sometimes, I consider social media part of my job and try to keep it firmly in working hours

We also talk about one of the biggest criticisms of Instagram – the dreaded comparisonitis that we all fall prey to on occasion. For me, feeling free to unfollow anyone who’s account leaves me feeling drained or angry or less-than, has been a big freedom and I’d encourage you to do the same. Just because a profile is popular or related to the same topics we’re interested in doesn’t mean we need to wallow in the negative feelings that can arise from comparing ourselves. So feel free to find your own people – profiles who inspire or educate you, or, even better, make you laugh.


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5 Responses to Slow Living and Social Media: Instagram

  1. Brooke, I’ve deleted my Instagram for personal use. I don’t know about you, but at certain point it gets tiring, and somehow boring. Everyone is posting the same, don’t you think?