Slow Holidays: The Pre-Christmas Catch-Up

Nani Williams

Considering it’s only a few short weeks until the end of the year (wait, what?) we’re continuing our series on how to slow down the holidays so that we all may have a chance to actually enjoy them rather than simply grit our teeth and get through.

This week we’re talking less about the stuff that accompanies the holidays, and more about the busy-ness. There’s office Christmas parties and annual get-togethers with friends, holiday dinners and school concerts and end of year performances and plenty of other social engagements. And while most of these really are lovely things to do, when there are so many happening in such a short period of time it can be really overwhelming.

Ben and I talk about different ways of decreasing the busy-ness, and specifically, how we can take charge and be the ones who say:

  • Let’s catch up – in the New Year
  • Why don’t we all pack a lunch and meet down at the park?
  • Want to come on a bush walk with us?
  • We’re inviting all our loved ones to our place for one big holiday catch-up. Bring a plate.

But we also talk about the fact that this is a busy time of year, and there’s benefit to be had by accepting and embracing it (to a point). Enjoy the hell out of the concerts and the dinners and the act of spending time with loved ones. It might be busier than you’d like, but what a way to spend out time, hey?

I’d love to know how you try to keep a lid on the holiday busy-ness. Do you have a rule about how many events you attend? Or are you the one instigating them? Do you love the rush of a full calendar this time of year?


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2 Responses to Slow Holidays: The Pre-Christmas Catch-Up

  1. I think very carefully about what i say yes to, keeping family and close friends first. I also keep in mind some advice I read in a Miss Manners book years ago: you don’t have to explain why you say no. Just because I don’t have a schedule conflict doesn’t mean I don’t have a valid reason for staying home. I’m just not obligated to tell those reasons!